Wednesday 15 January 2014

5:00 Wolverhampton (16th January) Free Horse Racing Tips

Conclusion: I've gone straight to the summary because most of these horses employ hold-up tactics or track leaders.

I have looked at Layla's Oasis and its tried to lead on four occasions but never won from the front and is held by three of these runners in its last race. The three horses that didn't compete in that race look quite poor and on all known form can't win. The times of the top four are not that great but Wolverhampton has been running quite a bit slower since they re-laid the course last year. Of the top four who all ran in the same race last time, Barb's Princess comes out on top. He holds the two horses - Dodina and Layla's Oasis - who finished behind him and six pounds better off for the length he was beaten by Lapis Blue and on those terms. He should be able to beat that horse this time out plus there could be another bonus, Barb's Princess has lead from the start at Leicester and Goodwood and on both occasions won so with the lack of pace in the race I'm hoping that it can lead all the way. This time out, even though he didn't try to lead last time, he still holds them on that form so hopefully whatever tactics are employed it has a good chance of winning.