Monday 24 January 2011

Sporting Life vs Racing Post

I'm probably teaching your old gran how to suck eggs 

But Did You Know?

If in Harry Hill format - the Sporting Life & Racing Post could have a fight. Who would win? Fight!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure this would be pay-per-view. Who would win?  

To be honest, both are brilliant resources. There isn't a day goes past when I don't use both. 

However, if you're interested in watching Racing Replays the Sporting Life is a winner by a knockout. 


Well, the Racing Post makes you stick your hand in your pocket for the luxury of watching racing replays. Not with the Sporting Life. 

It is FREE!!!! 

Simply open an SKY BET account - get a free bet - then watch Attheraces (ATR) & Racing UK (RUK) via the Sporting Life website for zilch.  

That's right - one handy website - your private archive. Forget about Sky+ or hard drive running out of space. Even if you still need every gadget under the sun - it's worth knowing because it saves you wasting cash.

Good luck.