Thursday, 1 December 2022

Why Matchbook should be your preferred betting exchange

Here's an interesting question. Do you bet with an exchange or traditional bookmaker when it comes to big races? Exchanges represent a competitive market and there are some excellent options for anyone wanting to enter this exciting and potentially lucrative area of sports gambling. It would be a shame therefore if individual customers are opting to choose a company just because they perceive them to be a ‘household name’. That said, many punters will be looking to place their bets with traditional bookmakers and take advantage of the best Grand National betting offers. This is true for those wishing to open a new account where they can receive attractive bonuses and free bets. The Grand National is such a popular race that many bookmakers/exchanges give punters the chance to bet like never before. 

By doing this, you may be denying yourself the option to enjoy greater benefits such as lower commissions on trades and a greater range of promotions across the sporting calendar. Matchbook can offer those benefits to every single new and existing customer, allowing them to prosper and enjoy greater benefits than other exchanges can provide.

Low Commissions

Matchbook scores heavily over its competitors by offering much lower commission rates on every single trade. You may have noticed that other providers have recently increased their own levels to a sizeable 7% and on small profits that can make a big difference.

In contrast, Matchbook is able to offer just 1% on each and every bet and customers who keep a keen eye on our current promotions can reduce that even further. Recently, a 0% commission rate on live tennis markets and all live football markets was introduced, while a 0.5% commission rate on all football handicap markets was applied for the biggest football tournament of all – the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

These offers rotate on a regular basis and as football teams across Europe roll into the new season, Matchbook has extended that 0.5% commission on football handicap deal into the domestic football season.


There are many common complaints levelled at some of the alternative betting exchanges. Typically, customers might be concerned at the downtime experienced with one of two of our competitors and when prices are changing by the second, that is an immensely frustrating factor. Additionally, if you want to cash out and your exchange’s site is suffering delays, you could risk losing your entire profit.

If you’re an unhappy customer who has fallen victim to betting exchange downtime, that’s just one of the reasons why you should consider a switch to Matchbook.

Why change?

Sticking with your betting exchange out of habit can be detrimental to your bank balance and Matchbook can give you great value that others can’t match. The liquidity on offer provides great trust within Matchbooks customer base and it allows them to offer such low commission rates.

The growing reputation of has been enhanced by a wealth of customer testimonials and a range of positive reviews from our affiliates. All of these can be freely found across the internet and if, after reading these, you are still unsure, you can always try Matchbook out with a complete risk-free opening bet.

Betting is made easy with simple to use apps and you will find that your experience isn’t ruined by the constant downtime that other exchanges may suffer. Small margins make a big difference and switching your exchange could benefit each customer in the one place where it really matters – the pocket!

Friday, 18 November 2022

Friday's Racing Tips (18th November)

5:15 Kempton - 

Rainbow Sky cost a fortune and well bred. High stats but no real value. Humankind did little on debut but has high stats if 13/2 and less (realistically 11/2 and less sp). Very little hope of winning if over 10/1. Khinjani ran well last time out and was a high stat horse that day. Ran a very good race and I would have to think this horse has ew claims. Not best drawn but experience should help and horse which should sit handy. 

5:45 Kempton - 

Glittering Lights is a high stat horse but no value. Inner Space has claims if 13/2 and less sp. Scenic has a class 2 stakes entry didn't show a great deal on debut but there has been money for this horse and has fair stats sto if 13/2 and less sp. Mantoog has fair ew claims if 14/1 and less sp although generally struggles to win. Sunset Point is a giant price but may be backed. Has little hope of winning if not priced 7/1 and less sp. 

6:15 Kempton - 

A banded race. Bonkersinabundance is a high stat horse if 9/2 and less sp. Supaspecialawesome is a high stat horse if 13/2 and less sp. Very good ew claims. 

6:45 Kempton - 

Maharajas Express has a group entry and been backed. Doesn't win too many races on debut but has fair stats at 14/1 and less sp. Being a banded race give more hope. Mr Rascal has fair stats if 13/2 and less sp. Macho Mania has decent stats if 9/2 and less sp. 


Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Tuesday's 2yo Racing Tips (11th October)

Three races today. 

I had a quick look yesterday but will go through them now. 

2:30 Leicester - 

Looks a tough race. Highbank is a winner and a decent horse with plenty of entries. Flight Plan doesn't have any group entries. Has fair stats but price to chance unless backed to 6/4 and less. Caragio ran well on debut and has high stats if 13/2 and less sp (43% win and 71% place). Hasn't had any winners priced over 13/2 sto. Utilis has entries and has a decent official rating at 85 but after five runs is a negative. Escarpment ran well on debut after finding his stride and off the pace and then ran on well. Looked to be trying hard and a creditable effort. Has decent stats at 13/2 and less sp (18% win and 56% place). Biggest winner sto 14/1. 

Looks a tough race to me and I would need to let the betting settle which may help. 

3:40 Leicester - 

A class 3 race. A tough looking race. A watching race for me. 

7:05 Newcastle - 

The two favourites set a fair standard but no value. No Title showed good pace last time in a fair race and drops in distance. Not the easiest to assess. Chattel Village has a level of ability but ran poorly after a long lay off on soft going. A question mark about this horse. Grandad Bob is a nice looking horse and ran well to a point for Paul Midgley. Has ok stats if 13/2 and less sp. Generally a trainer who struggles to win. A race I would rather watch. Can't see too much of interest today. 


Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Wednesday's 2yo Racing Tips (5th October)

2:05 Nottingham - 

A big old field of 15 runners. Tough Enough ran well on debut and should improve but no real value at odds on. Martyn Meade has been quiet this season and Vecchio has run two fair races without looking a strong hope. Morboka hails from Owen Burrows' stable. He can pop up with a debut winner although they are few and far between. They have very good place claims up to 14/1 but they often struggle to win. Novus ran well on debut when running on with spirit and looked to hold strong claims but a giant drifter in the market and a disappointing effort. Experience on side may show up but, again, a horse that doesn't quite look up to winning a fair maiden. May have ew claims but you could be pushing your luck. All in all an open looking race. I would have to take a watching brief. 

3:15 Nottingham - 

A Class 2 stakes race. A decent race which should detail a good few winners in time. Liberty Lane is well though of in Burke's stable and backed. It would be significant if starting 6/4 and less sp. If outside this betting guide the chances of this colt winning would be lessened. Still, a horse of potential and likely winner this term. Roger Varian does well this month of the year with his debutantes and Sealine is worthy of note. A horse which has claims if 5/1 and less sp especially so if 11/4 and less. Ralph Beckett has been in fine form all season and owners Valmont have been literally flying with their debutantes for the stable. There has been money for this horse and one to respect especially with such a wealth of talent in the stable. Would be significant if priced 11/4 and less sp. David Simcock hasn't been firing on all cylinders this season but October is a decent month for debutantes and Amo Racing are always worthy of a second glance especially if the money comes. Alex The Great has claims if priced in single figures. A tough looking race where the betting may help identify strength and weakness. In truth, all of these horses have potential and worth following in the near future. 

5:50 Kempton - 

The exceptionally well bred Higher Law. Definitely a live chance if priced 11/4 and less sp. Really looking forward to seeing this colt. Syndicated disappointed on his first two starts when short odds and then won well on his third start. Stepping up in distance may help defy the win penalty although I do think that race last time out fell apart to some extent. If the favourite is a class act, I would be surprised if Andrew Balding's charge was good enough. However, that's the question. Hydration seems half fancied in the betting. Roger Charlton's charge ran quite wide for a long way last time out and then tired in the closing stages. Will definitely need to improve on that run and may hold claims if fancied in the betting. I think the betting will tell the story for this colt. Conclusion, very interested in the favourite but no real value. Similarly, Syndicated doesn't look to hold much value and I would be considering Charlton's Hydration but if not priced 13/2 and less sp I would view as a slight negative. 

6:25 Kempton - 

Looks a two horse race with Lieber Power and Supreme King at short odds. No real value and best watched.

Monday, 26 September 2022

Monday's 2yo Racing Update (26th September)

A few races today: 

1:38 Hamilton - 

No particular interest. 

2:00 Ffos Las - 

The favourite is very short and should win in what looks a weak race. 

6:00 Newcastle - 

Interesting race. On entries and form Ivory Madonna should walk this but she has struggled to win and after five decent efforts she may have a limitation. However, on all all ways of thinking this should be a fine chance to taste victory. Saying that Lady Marie has excellent stats if 9/2 and less sp (40%) win. Over this price would be price to chance. The betting should tell the story. I must admit, I do think for any debutante to beat the favourite would take some doing but it is more likely that the favourite will disappoint for this to happen. To add to the mix Charlie Fellowes has Fitz Perfectly who would have decent stats (25%) win if 13/2 and less. Would need to see how the betting goes to get an idea. 

6:30 Newcastle - 

Looks a weak race. Lord Sam's Castle doesn't look very interested in winning. Star Sound has decent stats at 7/2 and less but probably price to chance. Tony says he's having a bet on Everythingshewants. I've not looked at the individuals yet. Looks a weak looking race to me so anything could happen. 

7:00 Newcastle - 

Interesting to see how De Foy's Emirates Voice goes here with a group entry and class 2 stakes. A banded race should be an ideal chance if having ability and the trainer has done well with his debutantes and has a measure of ability through other juveniles. Oh So Charming sets a decent start and won't be the easiest to beat but if you can get a decent price on De Foy's you'd hope it has ew claims.


Friday, 23 September 2022

Friday's 2YO Update (23rd September)

3:00 Newmarket - 

Watching race. 

3:15 Haydock - 

Not the easiest race to assess. Changing ground may see more non runners. A few in here have run to a decent level. Annie Maher has proven a fair sort but not won yet. Always a slight concern with horses on their fourth start. Pure Asset was fancied to go well on debut but struggled after a very slow start, but ran on with spirit. Cost 190,000g and was pretty short priced that day so could be a decent type. Horton hasn't achieved a great deal this formative season especially when you consider the money spent. Not seen for 150 days it's one of those horses. I would probably watch and see today. Centrefold has a couple of entries and been short priced on both starts. Clearly held in some regard and beaten by decent horse should run a race and may have fair claims here. Lady Manyara ran well last time out and was beaten by two fair horses. Travelled well and you have to think she has a chance. Ed Walker's Chandeleur Island would have fair stats if priced 11/1 - 14/1 sp. Dekota Elegance showed good pace on debut before tiring. Meehan has decent stats sto if 9/1 and less sp. All in all a competitive looking race with a few horses with a similar profile. I think Centrefold has claims but a difficult one. 

3:50 Haydock - 

Mutaany has bumped into a couple of decent horses. Has a level of ability but no value. Also, fourth start is a worry. Almaty Star cost a lot, well owned and trained. The stable do well with debutantes this month. Best 5/1 and less sp. Atomic Impact has a few fancy entries. Has ability but looks to have some limitation. Kerdos cost a sum of money and Cox can go well on debut and this is a decent month for winners. Would have claims if 5/1 and less sp. Best to watch the betting as it may help identify strength and weakness. 

4:10 Newmarket - 

Kolsai was unlucky not to have won on debut. Has very high stats today and must go well. Regal Honour has very good stats if 11/4 and less sp. Hannon has three horses running here. Ballymore Vision has been given a Listed entry and class 2 stakes and may have a chance at speculative odds. Always hit and miss but can have their day. Once again the betting may help detail strength and weakness. Kolsai looks a fair chance especially if drifting in the betting. 

6:15 Newcastle - 

Looks a competitive race.

Friday, 12 August 2022

Friday's Racing Tips (12th August)

1:25 Newbury - 

Interesting race. Looking forward to seeing how Centrefold goes. Not much value but could go well. Cruella De Vill is a high stat horse if 13/2 and less sp. The betting should tell the story for this horse which has ew claims if in best betting guide. 

2:00 Newbury - 

Leadman and Bussento are entered and run well on debut. No real value. Lahab is a high stat horse if 9/1 and less sp. Interesting to see how Boxing Alex goes. It could be a hope at giant odds.I wonder if there will be money come for this horse. Not the easiest race but fascinating. 

3:10 Newbury - 

Watching race. 

5:10 Newmarket - 

Bold Act is short. Will be hard to beat if 1/4. 

6:15 Newmarket - 

No real opinion. 

7:15 Thirsk - 

Interesting race. If Farhhfromforgotten is a big price may be worth a bet, could be backed. I would be looking for 9/1, which looks unlikely. 

7:50 Thirsk - 

Marshman has a string of entries and could defy the penalty. Installation may have a hope but no value.

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Software for online casino games

Software for online casino games
Online casino gambling has become very popular because of its simplicity and affordability. There are thousands of sites where you can gamble with real money or play free games without risking your own money at the same time. If you want to try out some of these real money casinos , then you will require a reliable browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. These browsers are known for their reliability, speed, and security. In addition, they also provide excellent customer support whenever needed. The latest version of a browser is always better than its predecessor. You should therefore consider upgrading to a newer version if it is not already installed. Let's see in this article some of the software that players need to download before playing online casino games.

Windows Media Player 

This is an application used by most users to listen to music through digital media devices such as iPods, MP3 players and more importantly CDs. It allows you to enjoy any kind of music using a player on your PC or laptop without having to pay exorbitant amounts of money. Windows Media Player is one of the best tools available to all music lovers. 

Adobe Flash 

A Flash file is an executable format designed specifically for multimedia content distribution across multiple platforms. Its first use was as a toolset for creating animated movies and interactive applications made possible by advanced graphics capabilities like 3D rendering and animation. However, in recent years, Flash files have been widely adopted into the world of gaming. One of the reasons why is that developers now understand how to build pokies online games using flash technology instead of just adapting game engines created for other systems. Players don't need to install anything on their computers to experience games made with flash technology. 

Java (J2ME) 

This is another application format mainly developed for mobile phones. Unlike HTML, which requires a web browser, Java programs run directly within the operating system of the computer. Moreover, unlike Apple's Mac OS X and Microsoft's iOS and Android software, each platform has different programming languages. For instance, Macintosh runs Objective-C and Java; while iPhone uses C and Cocoa Touch, and Android uses Java. 

In conclusion, there are many ways to access the internet nowadays. Before visiting any website, make sure you know what type of internet connection you will be accessing. Your choice is also determined by whether you would like to surf anonymously or not. Photo: Pixabay (free)

3 Rules of Playing Casino Games

3 Rules of Playing Casino Games
Playing casino games online has become exciting! There are hundreds of best online casinos usa offering thousands of games from poker to slots. However, there are certain rules that you must follow before signing up for an account. These rules will ensure that you get the maximum benefits from gambling online.

Understand the Risks.

This is a no-brainer. You should always be aware of the risks involved in playing any game. It’s your responsibility as a player to understand what these risks are and how they can affect your financial status. The most common risk is the ones related directly to the site itself, including identity theft or fraud. Other less serious risks include losing money due to technical glitches. These problems may happen when trying to access the site or playing a game while connected to unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Check the Site License and Terms & Conditions.

You may not know this, but some sites are just regular websites with a few extra bells and whistles. This means that you won’t receive any monetary rewards on top of your losses. Some sites are only licensed by specific jurisdictions, so make sure to check whether the site license applies to where you live. Other things you need to look at are the terms and conditions. Each site often comes with its own set of terms and conditions and regulations. These are usually very clear regarding what happens if you breach them and what actions you will have to take. Also, read through the privacy policy and how data is handled. If you don’t feel comfortable with these aspects then it might be best to avoid the site altogether.

Keep Your Personal Information Safe.

When using an real money online casino, you entrust a lot of information about yourself with the website. It could contain your name, address, phone number, date of birth, credit card details, and much more. Make sure to think twice before giving out these kinds of details and be careful whom you do business with. Any unauthorized use of this information is punishable by law and could lead to further consequences.

In conclusion, online gaming is one of the safest ways to spend time and money. Just like any other form of entertainment, you need to learn about the risks involved before playing.

Photo: Pixabay (free)

How to Play Online Keno

How to Play Online Keno
Keno is the game where players get to pick numbers from 1 to 80 to match at least some winning numbers on an electronic display you can choose a casino from new casino websites and play keno. The player who picks the longest sequence wins the prize. For example, you can bet $1 per number or play 100 numbers for $10. Below is how you can play online Keno.

How to Play Online Keno

The following steps explain how to play online Keno:

Step 1: Select your stakes and number of games. You can either choose a fixed amount that will be won by matching all the winning numbers in one go (this usually ranges between $0.50-$100) or select several games that will win a set amount after being matched (usually between 1-300). If you are playing more than once in a row, make sure to clear your previous bets before beginning a new session.

Step 2: Place your bet and click “Start Free Game” to start playing. Note that if you don’t have any money in your account yet, there will be a $0 balance shown as the starting amount. You can also choose to place another bet by clicking the “Bet Now” button.

Step 3: Pick your first five numbers from 1-80.

Step 4: Click "Next" until you finish picking all of your 5 numbers. Alternatively, you can pick up to 50 numbers with one mouse click. If you want to stop selecting numbers and keep going, simply click “Finish” when you are done.

Step 5: Your scores from each selection will appear below the game area. You can see which number(s) won the game. At this point, you can either continue to select more numbers or quit. When you are ready to end the game, click “Quit”stellarspins casino has the best poker games you can choose from.

After you win, Keno will tell you how much you earned. It will probably say something like “You won $5!”


To view the current amounts, just click on “Account Info” near the top right corner of the screen. This will show you your account balance and allow you to deposit additional funds into your account.

You must deposit funds using your credit card before you can play Keno online.

You should always use a secure website so that your personal information remains private.

Things to wear when doing horse riding

Things to wear when doing horse riding
You're a horse lover and you've decided to take the plunge and try horseback riding! Congratulations!

But before you head to the stables, there are a few things you need to know about horse riding gear. In this post, we'll discuss the essentials, from helmets to boots a few good tips on how to bet at online casino au. Let's see below some of the things you might need when going for a horse ride.

The Right Horse Riding Helmet

A horse riding helmet is an essential piece of gear for any rider. Not only does it protect your head in the event of a fall, but it also keeps you safe from bugs and other debris. When choosing a helmet, it's important to consider the fit, style and protection offered. Make sure to try on a few different helmets and choose the one that feels most comfortable. It should fit snugly but not be so tight that it's uncomfortable to wear. 

Horse Riding Breeches 

When it comes to horse riding breeches, there are a few things you need to consider. Fabric is key – you'll want to choose a material that is durable and breathable, to keep you comfortable throughout your ride. You'll also want to make sure that the fit is perfect – too tight or too loose, and you'll be uncomfortable and likely to chafe. A good pair of horse riding breeches can make all the difference, so make sure you take your time when choosing the right pair for you, if you can’t afford the good one play online slots in uk and stand a chance to win good cash.

Horse Riding Gloves 

There are a few things that you should always bear in mind when choosing horse riding gloves. Firstly, they should fit well and be comfortable to wear. You don't want them to be too tight or too loose, as this could affect your ability to grip the reins properly. They should also be made from a durable material that can withstand wear and tear. Leather is a good choice, as it's tough and breathable. And finally, make sure that they have a good grip so that you can stay in control of your horse at all times.

In conclusion, there's a lot to think about when gearing up for a horseback riding session, from what clothes to wear to what kind of equipment you'll need. Also, do not forget to have fun.