Tuesday, 27 October 2020

5:20 Southwell Racing Tips (27th October)

A pretty low-class race over 6f.  

The betting suggests this is a five-horse race. The Karl Burke two-year-olds are still, in my opinion, out of form. Capla Dream looked almost a certainty when going clear of the field over this course when over 7f. Dropping back in distance, this daughter of Dream Ahead looks to enjoy the surface and should go well. 

Black Sparrow is a speedy horse who has run consistently over five-furlongs, although running well on debut at six furlongs. This black filly won well on her fourth start and didn't do anything wrong last time out at Wolverhampton. A win penalty didn't seem to diminish her pace last time ridden by Grace McEntee who is enjoying this partnership. There is a slight concern the win penalty will be a burden on this surface over this extended distance. However, Black Sparrow is likely to give a good account and could well hold a healthy advantage in the final furlong. 

Seaclusion has run three times. She finished last on her debut when a 66/1 shot at Goodwood. Then running well when finishing third at Newcastle when beaten by Light Refrain who s a class act. However, she was flatter by the proximity to the winner. Last time out, connections chances their luck competing in the Redcar Two Year Old Trophy. She was never dangerous. A difficult horse to assess. 

Perfect Sign has run six times, her first four races in Ireland when in training with J P Murtagh. Now with Michael Dods, finishing second to Light Refrain in the same Newcastle where Seaclusion raced. However, she ran no race when competing in a nursery at the same course when down the field. 

Robert Cowell's representative, Sealed Offer, owned by Cheveley Park Stud, who employs the cheekpieces for the first time. Beaten on three starts, by similar distances, and big prices.

One horse that may have a hope at big odds is Gay Kelleway's *Piranhadrama who was half fancied on debut when drifting from 8/1 - 11/1. This daughter of Heeraat was slow away and had no chance thereafter. Today, a 33/1 shot, it will be interesting to see if there is any money for this bay filly. 

Summary: This looks a tricky race to find the answer. Black Sparrow will give it a good go and could well have a big lead into the final furlong. But will she be able to lead to the line? The Burke stable seems out of form and Capla Dream although respected isn't a horse I would want to bet at short odds. I'm not sure what to think about Seaclusion, Perfect Sign and Sealed Offer. Piranhadrama may hold claims at huge odds. I think Black Sparrow will go well but it will be all or nothing. I couldn't bet in this race. 


Monday, 26 October 2020

Monday's Racing Tips at Leicester (26th October)

A couple of two-year-old races worth of closer inspection. 

1:25 Leicester - 

Heavy going, so take note of the horse wearing the Wellington boots, or hooves the size of dinner plates. 

If neither of those appears you may take a gander at Richar Fahey's Rhode Island Girl. Paul Hanagan takes the ride on this daughter of Dark Angel who is out of a four-time winning mare, a debut winner, who tasted victory twice at Group 3. 

Fahey has done well with his two-year-olds this season with the likes of Fev Rover, Umm Kultham and the potential top-notch Faora. 

Todays' contest doesn't look the strongest of fields. 

There has been good money for Karl Burke's Celestial Storm, in the familiar silks of Clipper Logistics Ltd. To be fair, this daughter of Dark Angel (yes, they're popular) didn't do much on debut when pretty fancied in the betting on heavy going. So whether these conditions are good, bad or ugly, time will tell. 

It will be interesting to see how Tom Ward's Decedent goes. This filly is a good-looking type showed a glimmer of ability of debut when showing good pace before tiring in the closing furlongs. She was very well backed last time out at Lingfield but failed to shine. There has been a little bit of money for this filly today but whether she will show improvement is to be seen. 

Summary: Not the easiest of races to assess and heavy going is enough to put the brakes on any bet. Celestial Storm has been well supported and the Burke team are usually on form although they have been struggling in recent weeks. Rhode Island Girl could be the class horse of the race and if starting favourite would be a positive. Decadent may improve after the money come last time out but she will need to like these testing conditions. 

Good luck if you're betting.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Online Casino Gaming Routine

Online casino gaming has to be one of the most cherished things in 2020. It is only fair. Take a look around yourself. What do you see except for destruction and fear? 

Everyone is desperately trying to get out of the heap of problems that have been dumped upon us this year. However, things are taking a seemingly long time to get better. 

This little intro should be enough to give you an overview of what this year has been like so far. In times like these, people are finding things to get indulged into to take this mind off of adversities that we are all facing. 

Online casino gaming emerges as a true hero and helps people have some fun and forget about their issues for some time. So, we have to give it the credit it deserves. 

If you haven't yet dipped into the ocean of online casino gaming, we highly recommend you check out CasinAsia. If you are into it already, here are some tips that will help you make the most out of your online casino gaming routine. 

Set aside some time 

The first thing that you put into your online casino gaming routine is your time. Your attention and your money come later on. Those things are valuable, but your time is more critical. So, you must set aside some time to play online casino games. It can be as little as half an hour and as long as four hours. Take as long as you want but make sure that you don't spend all day in front of your mobile or computer screen. It is not suitable for your mind or your body.

Decide the games you want to be playing

A lot of people struggle while deciding the game that they want to play in the online casino. As a result, they waste a lot of time on different games, and they fail to find one that they like. They even lose their money too because they are tempted to bet on games that they don't have much knowledge of. If you don't want that to happen to you, then decide the games that you want to be playing beforehand. You can look up the rules and rewards of each game on the internet. That might help you decide better. 

Pay attention to the instructions 

One of the worst things that can happen to you during your online casino gaming routine is you failing to understand the instructions and losing your money in a game. It hurts more than we can tell. So, before you hit the play button, make sure you have paid enough attention to the instructions of the game. Don't miss on even the smallest bot of information. You might have to pay for it, later on, quite literally. 

Play in the demo mode first 

Imagine reading all the instructions of the game very well and jumping into the game but failing miserably. It sounds quite embarrassing. While failures are nothing to be ashamed of, but in online casinos where you have willingly put your money on stake, failing can take a toll on your bank balance. You just can't afford to lose in an online casino. So you must play in the demo mode first. It will give you a little practice, so when you play with real players, you have the confidence and knowledge to win. 

Don't bet out of budget 

Let's see things for what they are. Online casinos are nothing short of gambling houses. Online casinos are legal in most places because they are a bit more transparent and safe than traditional gambling, but there are still a lot of risks involved. It is all calculated risk, of course. This is because you have direct control over the amount of risk you are taking. Yes, we are talking about betting. Now, if you want to have direct control over this risk, don't bet out of budget. This will save you from becoming a gambling addict and going bankrupt. 

Never play while you are intoxicated

In taking alcohol and drugs while playing at the casino can be something that looks good at the cinema, but in real life, it can devastate you. It is known to everyone that alcohol and drugs stop your mind from thinking ideally. So, why would you want to do that when you are playing with your own money? It can rob you of all your wealth and bring you on the road. Never play while you are intoxicated if you want to have a good time in your online casino gaming routine.  

Keep some snacks and beverages handy 

Good food and fun gaming routines are a match made in heaven. However, you don't want to take a trip to the kitchen several times when you are busy having fun with your online casino games. So, keep some snacks and beverages handy. This will keep your stomach and your heart both very happy. 

Use a bigger screen 

The increasing popularity of smartphones is undeniable. Every other person has a smartphone these days. From making international bank payments to playing online casino games, one can do almost everything on that little screen. However, you don't have to do something a certain way just because you can. What we mean to say is, the joy of gaming is doubled when you use a bigger screen. Simply connect your smart tv to a controller and enjoy your online casino gaming routine. 

 Avoid the gambler's fallacy 

When you win a game, and you are tempted to play another one thinking that the stars are in your favor and that you will win again, it is called gambler's fallacy. It lacks logic and base. It is just an illusion that can turn dangerous. So no matter what you do, avoid the gambler's fallacy. It is not at all good for your bank balance.

Saturday, 17 October 2020

Becoming a Professional Gambler

I found this article on Slipperytoad website, originally published by Punt.Com blog, and it makes fascinating if not a little pessimistic reading.

Forums, blogs, bookies and betting websites are full of people dreaming of becoming professional gamblers. Being your own boss, working when you feel like it, making loads of money and watching sports for a living is certainly appealing to most people. Let this post (and the rest of this blog) be a reality check.

I see a lot of people giving up jobs to do this after a short time trading. They think it’s easy and straight forward, they think it will last forever… They haven’t thought it through.

I’ve been a professional gambler now for over 3 1/2 years. Before that, I gambled for 2 years before I took the decision to do it. It was the biggest decision of my life, certainly not one I took lightly. Giving up a guaranteed income and job prospects to gamble with my own money was extremely risky, to say the least.

When you give up your job, you’re not only going to be risking your money gambling but your entire future job prospects. Let me tell you, gamblers are not viewed in the same way as someone who works in a normal job. Compare the reaction you get when you tell someone you are a gambler to when you tell them you work in a bank. Even if you compare it to being a “day trader”, the reaction is a mixture of contempt, fascination and disbelief.

Most people will flatly not believe you. Gamblers are the vagrants of society. The losers that hang around bookies, wasting their family income on an addiction. No one believes it is possible to win, and if you have – it’s just luck. Like it or not, this is how you will be viewed. Some will feel sorry for you, others will not give you the time of day. You are going to be one of society’s outsiders.

Family relationships can be strained and tested. It takes a lot of understanding from family and friends and this can weigh on your mind whilst you are gambling. Stable family life is important, it spills over into your work – few jobs are affected as much by this. You need stability and space to work well. And vice versa, a bad day at the office should not affect the way you treat those closest to you, can you really say that you won’t be in a terrible mood when you lose £xxxxx on some tennis player that gave up?

Your financial future is now uncertain. You are no longer contributing to society, you are not paying tax – an advantage to the gambler sure, but it doesn’t improve your self-esteem and further enhances the feeling of being an outsider.

Try to borrow money from the bank? It’s easier said than done. This is why you need to try to secure your future financially as far in advance as you can before you make it your sole income

What about future job prospects? If you need to work again, do you really think future employers are going to be happy with you spending a year or two gambling for a living when they read your cv?

How much have you won before you turn pro? It’s hardly ever enough. You need to make many times your current income before you do it. Make sure you have savings that are stashed away, preferably making you a reasonable amount of interest. I might have turned professional a year before I did, but I had to make sure I was safe financially before I did so. Not only for my livelihood but so that I could work confidently and without pressure. You cannot perform in this game if you are too worried about losing your hard earned cash. Pressure on your profit and loss is deadly.

What about when you do take the plunge, your day to day life is going to change dramatically in ways you may not have imagined. Interaction with other people becomes scarce. You will be spending long periods of time alone, clicking away staring at a screen all day. The temptation to live up to the stereotype is obvious. Why bother making an effort when you can get up, do some work and go back to bed again.. Discipline. Working alone throws up serious challenges. Your health and fitness can suffer drastically. The way you interact with other people can take a tumble. Prepare for this in advance.

It’s not all excitement and glamour. It can be downright boring doing the same things day in day out. Boredom for some gamblers can be their most dangerous adversary. You can end up working on things you don’t need to be. Betting too much and over trading for the sake of it.

Gambling certainly doesn’t owe you a living. A normal job pays you for turning up, no one’s going to do that here – they are going to try to take money off you for turning up. It’s you against a world of other people, all of whom have opinions, some of them most definitely better informed than you. Just how professional are you when it comes to the crunch, are you certain you are at the top of the tree? How consistent is your performance going to be to combat everyone else and stay ahead of the game. There are some brilliant brains out there trying to beat you at every turn – be wise to the available strategies and the people you are up against and give them respect – it’s your money and therefore livelihood they are after.

There are very few real professional gamblers, the reasons above outline why. It’s incredibly tough to do. You are going to be tested mentally every day and you will need to guard against developing bad psychological habits. There are reasons why gambling can cause problems for most people. There is a fine line between problem gambling, pathological gambling and professional gambling. Many professionals develop problems, be aware of the risks. Here’s a site about different types of gamblers. It suggests there are fewer than 50 gamblers in the US that make over $100,000 a year. With all the negative problems you can face as a professional gambler, you better make sure you are being compensated. Ask yourself what a fair amount is for enduring these problems if you aren’t already making that then is it really worthwhile.

Think about your life situation and your family life. You are risking your money and theirs. I was fortunate when I began that I was young, single and in a job that didn’t pay that much and I was able to spend as much time as I liked pursuing it, without overheads and relationship damaging consequences. It’s extraordinary time consuming, to begin with, especially as you are going to have to work hard to increase from little to a sum of money suitable to work from. Don’t underestimate the time this takes, and the time you will be spending away from family chasing something that might not even work out.

I know this post is quite pessimistic. I think it’s supposed to be. I’ve heard it said before that professional gamblers are pessimists, I’m not sure I agree completely, but in this post, I certainly think it’s a good idea to be. No matter how much you think you are ready, wait a while longer. Wait until you are sure you aren’t just lucky, then wait some more… Know why you aren’t plain lucky, and be big enough to admit defeat if you have been.

The Concept of Value Betting

It is one of the oldest arguments in betting: are you better off looking for value or looking for winners?

To me, it is a no-brainer. Value is king. I am amazed anyone considers it a matter of debate, yet many do. Their thinking goes like this: what is the point of backing something because you think it is a big price if it has little or no chance of winning?

They will hold up as an example a football team that is playing away to the opposition that is generally accepted to be superior. Fulham against Manchester United at Old Trafford, for example. Fulham may be 12-1 but if you dare suggest that is too big a price, you are liable to be shot down in flames by those who believe that because the Cottagers are such big outsiders there is no point even contemplating whether or not they actually represent a value wager.

There is no point backing a string of big-value losers, they will reason. Refrain from getting embroiled in a debate with people who think this way. They are irrational and cannot possibly be winning punters in the long run. In betting, and in football, in particular, the value lies more often than not in the bigger-priced contenders. This is largely because of the average punter's fixation with the very shortest prices on the weekend football coupon.

Bookmakers can usually tell whether they will have a winning weekend simply by looking at the results of the top teams in the English Premiership and Scottish Premier League.

In the autumn of 2003, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Celtic and Rangers all won on the same weekend eight times out of 11.

This caused a drop in bookmakers' profits as punters landed some significant accumulators. By the start of December, a blind £10 weekly five-timer on the quintet was showing a profit of £310. With their profits being dented, the layers reacted by strangling the match odds of the five teams that were hurting them.

Predictably, it did not prevent punters steaming into the so-called Big Five, even when they stopped winning so regularly. And with the hotpots shortening, their opponents were offered at even longer odds, leading to some decent paydays for those punters who took the rational view that the value lay with the long-shots.

The bottom line is that everything becomes good value if the price is right. You may head out of the house one day armed with £20,000 with the intention of buying a Mercedes. On the way to the showroom, you pass the Toyota dealership where the comparable car in their range is on offer at £14,000.

Your heart was set on the Merc but here is a car every bit as good for £6,000 less. You don't know why it is being offered so cheaply, but it is. You buy it and, whether you bank the six grand or use it to take the family to the Caribbean, you have made a value investment. So it is with betting. You intended to back Manchester United, but when you saw the prices and realised Fulham were so big, you backed them.

Many punters would, quite rightly, not dream of having a bet without searching for the best possible value, yet there are plenty who have no grasp of the concept of price-sensitivity and just back their fancies with the same bookmaker, be it on the phone, the net, or, more commonly, in the shop (internet punters tend to be more sophisticated and more aware of the basic premise that if you take the trouble to root out the best possible price you have a far greater chance of being successful over a long period).

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Handy Tips For Newbies To Commence Casino Gaming

Casino gaming or gambling is quickly becoming one of the most trending hobbies on the internet. With the rise in the number of online users, there is also a rapid growth in the number of online casino websites, including fraudulent ones. 

Hence, for a newcomer, the world of online gambling can be quite a complicated and confounding place. To help all the newbies to the world of casino gaming, Wunderino is here with a few handy tips. 

Collect ample information first 

Once you have decided that you are going to dabble in the world of casino gaming, make sure you are aware of all the necessary information regarding online gambling. 

For starters, you need to be mindful of the online betting and gambling laws of your region.

After that, you need to get a grasp of basic gambling and wagering techniques. Along with that, you must study all the rules and regulations of the games you are planning on trying.

Figure out which games to play 

Determining which game you want to try can be a hard choice. After all, there are so many options with casino gaming available nowadays. 

Before deciding which game you want to try, you must ask yourself what you are looking for out of casino gaming. People who are playing for money should try skilled games like: 
  • Video Poker 
  • Blackjack 
  • Baccarat 
People who are there for just fun and easy to learn games must try: 
  • Keno 
  • Roulette 
  • Slots 
Check the operational license of the site 

Nowadays, with the increase in the number of online gambling users, there is also an increase in fraud casino gaming websites. Hence, always do a thorough inspection of the website you are gambling on. Make sure the website is a registered, licensed, and reputed online casino.

Always avoid the casinos that are blacklisted with payment related issues. You should also only trust the sites that have SSL encryption and are audited by independent organizations like eCorga. 

Look at their offers and rewards 

Every casino site in the market tries to come up with an exciting reward policy that can help attract new customers. However, it becomes crucial for you to access that the bonuses offered by a casino platform are as per your interests. 

Make sure you go through their reward policy before commencing your betting routine. This will keep you from getting along with a casino website that can’t provide you with the desired gameplay experience. 

Use the demo mode for practicing 

For newbies, the best advice that every member of the community will give is to practice. As a newcomer, you cannot expect to win all your games, especially when playing against experienced players. 

To help you in the beginning, many online casinos offer demo mode and free games. These not only give the newcomers real game experience but also are an excellent way to practice before facing real players online. 

To access these free games or demo modes, few websites may ask you to get a registered account, while some offer them without any registration.

Features To Look For In An Online Casino Site

Getting along with a casino site can be one of the greatest adventures for someone who wants to make money online. However, this does not mean that you should keep yourself from evaluating some of the critical factors before proceeding with the same. 

This article will help figure out what features you should look for while planning to place bets on an online casino website. 

Availability of games 

The foremost thing is to check which games are listed on the website of your choice. This will help determine whether you will have a pleasant experience with this platform or not. As new casino games are hitting the market sphere every week or so, it becomes relatively easy to get all the games of your choice in one place. Nonetheless, you must take time to check what you’re getting into before proceeding with the casino site. 

Safe payment gateway 

After a while of practicing on the website, you will be putting your hard-earned money as bets. Therefore, you must check how securely your transaction will be so that you don’t end up dooming your finances. A reputed casino platform must have a robust payment gateway in place so that the users don’t face any hassle while getting started with them. You must go one step further to check all the security features available so that you can rest assured. 

Lucrative reward policy 

Since it’s challenging to get new customers in this era, every casino site tries to develop an exciting bonus policy. This means you should be able to get several offers and rewards from time to time in order to amp up your gameplay. Make sure to commence your betting routine with a platform that keeps your interests in mind and has an exciting reward policy. One can also easily switch the casino website if they don’t feel rewarded with the offers the platform has in place. 

Reliable operational license

Regardless of how wonderful a casino website looks to you at first, it’s of no use if there is no operational license in place. Governments across the world tend to provide these platforms with an operating license so that fraudulent sites can be identified. As a newbie, you must ensure the availability of this license on the website before taking the plunge. This will prevent you from any hassle as you won’t end up with a website that doesn’t stay true to its words. 

Working demo mode

The demo mode works wonders for practicing all the acquired strategies and techniques of casino gameplay. Hence, you should check whether the website lists a demo mode or not. Without the demo mode, it becomes arduous to figure out where you are making mistakes. As a result, your casino gameplay might get at stake because you won’t be able to make relevant changes while placing real money as bets.

Friday, 2 October 2020

The Growing Popularity Of The Casino Applications

We live in a fully digitalized world today where gadgets and games are entirely dependent on the latest technology in the market. The online casino games are an example that everything can be digitized. The birth of the smartphone era has fueled the evolution of betting websites and casino games. The betting industry has come a long way from holding physical sports and events to introducing various casino applications online. The growing popularity of the casino industry is highly appreciated for the number of efforts all the companies have put it. 

Reliability and authenticity 

The app developers of online casino games have revolutionized the industry by making highly authentic websites like https://www.mystino.com/ja/. In the early times, physical sports were played in such a manner that they lacked reliability and authenticity. Players and betters used to think that if they get involved in the netting games, they would lose a massive amount of money. 

But with these online gaming applications, you can be stress-free about losing money from false representations. Since casino gaming companies hold their operations legally, it increases the reliability amongst the users and players. 

Diversity in applications

One of the significant reasons for the rapid growth of casino applications is diversity. Customers have various numbers of applications of casino games to choose from. With smartphones and laptops, you can play all these games in the comfort of your homes. The application used the same operating system to multiply different betting games for users. 

Since the demands of players are rising, the companies have to focus more on providing diverse and attractive gaming applications to fulfill the need. Same application of casino games online can be used on different devices. 

Elimination of cyber risk

The applications are safe to use. Since the betting games have switched to online mode, their modus operandi has also changed. Playing online betting games from applications involves a lot of risks, but the application developers of several app companies make sure there is no scope for cybercrimes. 

Online gambling is conducted in a safe environment where players can bet freely without worrying. These betting and gambling companies have the license and legal permissions to create such games so you cannot end up in trouble for playing wager games. It is legitimate and can be used safely by users to win prizes and jackpots. 

Get bonuses and promotions 

To become famous among the players, the applications have adopted the technique of marketing efficiently. Most of the applications operated by new companies in the betting industry provide bonuses, rewards, and promotions to the players. These can be used in multiple ways. Mostly the application provides such offers when a player installs or uses the application of the casino game initially. You can even get other rewards if you get lucky. 

These bonuses have created wide popularity of online casino games amongst the youngsters. Even though casino applications have become famous, they still have a high scope to grow and flourish.

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Gambling: Money, Sex & Revenge

You may be asking what's that all about?

These three, innocent or not, words are behind just about every murder. Thankfully, I have never been involved with anything like that not being a money-seeking, sexual deviant with an inkling for revenge. 

I say that tongue in cheek. 

Out of the three, I would opt for money, without menaces. 

I really need to change the subject before I dig myself into a hole. 

Six-feet deep?

If money, sex and revenge are the motivation for murder, I wonder what is the motivation(s) for most gamblers?

Money (yes), sex (I don't think so), revenge (I can't quite see how that would work).

Here goes my three motivations:

Money, Passion (not sex) & Achievement. 

Not in any particular order, although money is a big motivation because as the saying goes: ''Money makes the world go round...''

You may have noticed my list of three is lacking in some way. I wonder what would be your list of motivations. The why of behaviour. Let's face it, without motivation we wouldn't be much good at anything. 

It would be like watching a chick-flick when your name is Flathead Joe. 

I wonder if you would have the word ''Buzz'' in your list of motivations. Your fuel for the fire. That neurotransmitter which gets your synaptic nerves firing like an AK47.  

A scoop or two of endorphins, or whatever they may be. For most humans a toxic blend of nicotine, whiskey and Gregg's sausage rolls. 

Betting for the buzz isn't a crime. No one is going to lock you up without parole. But it isn't a motivation that does any gambler much good. It shouldn't be your cardinal motivation. Perhaps it is your cardinal sin. 

Now, no one is saying you won't get a buzz for betting and winning but it shouldn't be your guiding light. 

If you had to detail your three gambling motivations, what would they be. 

Perhaps you will say:

Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll.

Monday, 21 September 2020

Professional Gamblers: Jack Ramsden

Jack Ramsden quit his job as a stockbroker in 1980 and since then has had 13 consecutive winning years as a professional punter. His successful punting like so many other professional punters is based around speed figures and race times.

He recently stated I cannot stress too strongly the importance of race times. They bind my whole approach together. There are fewer good times recorded over jumps but everyone seems to know about those horses and they are too short to back. 

Even cutting out the endless looking up of form books, I still spend two or three hours every day working out my bets. Jack continues, I'm constantly on the lookout for the 3/1 chance that starts at 8/1. There are 30 or 40 of them a year and they are there to be seen. At those prices, you don't have to be right all the time! His premise is that while a good horse is capable of doing a bad time, no bad horse is capable of doing a good time.

He is unusual in that he has his own bookmaker, Colin Webster. Their relationship is indeed unique, Colin pays Ramsden £5,000 a year for his advice and also has the job of getting his bets on with other bookmakers. Another unusual trait of Jack Ramsden is his liking for the multiple bets. His reasoning is that they are an extension of his policy to go for large prices and he reckons that on 4 occasions he has won over £200,000 on multiple bets.

Another piece of advice from Ramsden is regarding each-way bets. His advice is to ditch them. He states: I analysed my betting a couple of years ago and found that if I had doubled my win stakes instead of having each way bets, I would have been much better off. I think all punters would benefit by cutting out all each-way bets and sticking to singles.

Jack met his wife Lynda Ramsden when she worked at the Epsom yard of John Sutcliffe Snr, where Jack, one of Barry Hills's first owners, had horses. Ramsden was working in the City, but the City wasn't working for him. "I was a pretty useless stockbroker," he admitted. The Couple married in 1977 and then started training racehorses in the Isle of Man. A few years later moving over to England and North Yorkshire where they trained for many years.

More pro gambler tales:

Dave Nevison

Phill Bull
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Thursday, 27 August 2020

Handy Tips To Start With Your Online Bingo Experience

Playing online games has grown to become a reasonably recognized part of our daily lives. With so many people staying at home most of the time, trying out online games makes all the sense when you can make some money alongside. 

This article walks you through the steps to becoming a professional Bingo player so that you can beat your opponents while being at it. You can find numerous forms of video Bingo, which you can play whenever you get any free time during the day. 

Let’s head to some effective ways through which you can take your Bingo playing experience to the next level. 

Do the research 

Before planning to step into the world of online Bingo, you must be aware of every nitty-gritty of this routine. This means learning about different ways in which you can enjoy this game, along with figuring out the meaning of a myriad of terms. 

There are a ton of research hours needed before you proceed with making money online on these sites. Avoid starting your Bingo journey without any idea of what you’re stepping into.

This early research will keep you from being worried at the later stages of your gaming career. Make sure you head to renowned sources when it comes to acquiring knowledge about the understanding of the game. 

Find a reliable platform 

Luckily, there is a new gaming site popping on the internet every once in a while. This suggests that you can never run out of options when it comes to enjoying the game of crossing out some circles and winning money on the side. 

Nonetheless, you must conduct a thorough research about the site you’re planning to move ahead with. This will keep you assured about the reliability of the platform you’ve selected.

After all, everyone wants to have a smooth online gaming experience, which is why the mere selection of the gaming platforms accounts for so much importance. 

One can’t get away with playing random games on any site that your browser shows up — Video Bingo, like any other online game, requires a ton of strategic moves that a trusted platform can teach you. 

Ensure practicing in the demo mode beforehand

If you’re serious about generating cash out of your online Bingo journey, it’s time to keep yourself prepped up for the demo mode. 

This is something you must check beforehand so that you never end up with a website that keeps you from practicing without losing any money. 

That’s the whole point of having a full-fledged demo mode in place — users can practice and effectively improve their gaming skills. 

Be sober while playing games 

Online gaming and partying never go hand in hand. 

This must be clear to you as a newbie when you might be lured to placing your money online without even being in a state to ponder consciously on your decisions. 

With that being said, all the best for your online Bingo journey!