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Why Horse Racing Betting is so Popular Globally in 2022

Horse racing is an equestrian sport that has been around for centuries. It is one of the most popular spectator sports in the world, and horse racing betting is a major part of that. As many fans will know well, there are many different types of horse racing bets, but the most common are: win, place, and show. There is no need to know anything about the horse or the race, and you can pick your horse based on its name, jockey, or past performance. This is the beauty and attraction of betting on the sport at all levels of experience and skill.

Horse racing betting is also widely popular because it is a social event. It is common for groups of friends to go to the horse races together and place bets on their favourite horses and this is deeply ingrained as a cultural source of enjoyment and socialization in countries in all corners of the globe. Whether you are doing it online or in person, horse racing betting is also a great way to make money. If you know how to pick winners, you can earn a lot from horse racing betting.

Horse racing betting is popular because it is a relatively simple way to gamble on a horse race. There are many different horse racing betting strategies, but the most important thing is to find a horse that you think has a good chance of winning. There are many different horse racing tracks around the world, and each one has its own unique betting system. However, the basics of horse racing betting are the same no matter where you bet. If you want to learn more about horse racing betting, there are endless resources and sources of information and tips available online. Horse racing betting is a fun and exciting way to gamble on horse races, and it is a great way to make some extra money when times are tough. 

Horse racing betting is also popular because it is a very exciting sport to watch, full of suspense and excitement. The horse races are usually very thrilling and can be very exciting to bet on. horse racing betting is also a great way to socialize with other horse racing fans. horse racing betting can be a great way to make new friends and meet new people. horse racing betting is also a great way to learn about the horse racing industry and the different horse breeds. Horse racing betting is also a great way to get involved in horse racing from wherever you are situated in the world - especially on popular online sports betting Canada websites that are trusted sources of fun. 

As well as live horse racing events, these types of sites are excellent for diving into the world of virtual horses as well. Virtual horse racing betting takes the experience to a new level and allows fans of the sport to enjoy the same thrill at any time and place even when live events are not taking place. 

It is all of these factors combined that create the current positive picture of horse racing betting in countries all around the world. As betting on horse racing (both live events and virtual races) continues to boom in 2022, we are not surprised by its lasting popularity and longevity in the betting and sporting worlds.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Types of Horse Racing You Must Know

There are several types of horse racing - from flat races to steeplechases. The fastest horses win these competitions, but they also require the best training.

Horse racing is the oldest form of sports competition known. In fact, Ancient Greek Olympics were held on foot races where runners raced against each other in full armor. Below, we take a look at the various types of horse racing you need to know.Did you know that at australian online casino you can bet your favourite horse

Types of Horse Racing You Must Know

1. Steeplechase

Steeplechase (the term comes from the word 'steep' meaning slope) refers to horse races that take place at a high altitude. Steeplechase races are often run over distances between 2 miles and 3 miles or even longer. They involve running uphill. The winner wins by reaching the finish line before his opponents.

One of the most famous steeplechase racing series is Cheltenham Gold Cup. It takes place every year in England at Cheltenham Racecourse. Some steeplechases can be combined with cross-country running races. The two-part Betfair Chase in Newmarket, U.K., for example, includes a 3-mile race on turf followed by a 4¼ mile cross country event.

2. Flat Races

Flat races are open races that don't involve elevation changes. These races usually last from 5 furlongs (about 1/8th of a mile) to 9 furlongs (3/4ths of a mile). A flat race has one starting gate which leads to a straightaway for the entire length of the course. This type of horse racing generally doesn't attract as many participants as a steeplechase because it doesn't include up and down hills.

However, there are several flat races, like the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, that draw huge crowds. The American Triple Crown consists of three flat races: the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

3. National Hunt Races

National Hunt races are open races designed for horses who excel on artificial surfaces. They're commonly referred to as "Nationals." English trainers have their own national hunt tracks, which are called "starts," so this type of horse racing isn't limited to just British riders. Just about any steeplechase rider can participate in a national hunt race. Did you know you high roller casino you can bet on your favourite horse and stand a chance to win big

While some flat racers may not enjoy riding on a muddy track, horses who thrive on slippery surfaces are ideal candidates for a national hunt. National Hunt races are much different than flat races. For example, the winner isn't determined based on speed; instead, he's judged by how well he navigates around obstacles such as jumps and fences. 

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Live Dealer Casino Games Explained

Live dealer casino games offer real-time gameplay with minimal latency and no lag time. These types of games are ideal for mobile gaming where real-time interaction is essential. They also give you the chance to watch your favourite professional poker player at work. And if you want to play the same game without having to travel anywhere, these online casinos let you place bets virtually from the comfort of your home. Learn more about live dealer best payout online casino games and see why they're becoming increasingly popular. 

The Live Dealer Online Casino Experience 

Gaming on a website that allows players to win money instantly by playing certain live dealer games is different than other forms of gambling. For starters, it’s always available and accessible 24/7. Also, there's no need to download any software or wait in line to get into an actual physical venue. Once you access one of these sites, you can play in real-time against people around the world.

A number of popular websites have adopted this form of gaming due to its convenience and ease of use. In addition to being able to play from just about anywhere, live dealer games are particularly appealing because they allow you to interact with the person controlling the action.

Language Variety

While some live dealer casino games only feature English language options to accommodate international gamers, others include every major language in their menu of offerings. This means that even those who don't speak any English will feel as though they're not alone when interacting with the site.

Game Variety

The variety offered by live dealer casinos depends largely on what type of game you prefer to play. There are plenty of popular table games like blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, BOWL, sicbool, and keno. But there at best australia online casino you are allowed to beton horses, dogs, sports, parlor games, and everything in between.  

The Bottom Line

Live dealer casino games differ greatly from nonlive casino games. Players enjoy the flexibility and instant gratification found at sites that offer them while still being able to interact via chat features. What makes the experience unique isn't so much what each game offers, but rather how each particular game gives players the ability to control their own fate within the system. You'll be able to find many different types of live dealer games in the market today. Choose one that fits your needs best so you can start winning!

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Basic horse racing rules

Horse Racing is a very popular sport. One of the fastest-growing sports globally. Over 3 million horses are competing at race tracks around the world every year. The races are held in various countries such as Australia, England, France, Ireland, Scotland, the United States of America, etc. This is why we see millions of people watching these races live or through TV on almost any day of the week. Let's see below some of the basic rules of horse racing.

Horses Race For Cash Prize

It means that if you win then it means you get prize money. The prize may range from $100 to more than $10,000 depending upon the type of event and whether the horse wins or not. If your race has 2 horses running then there will be double prize money. At australia best online casino real money even though you won with one horse but there will be a cash prize for you!

Number Of Races Per Day

Each country usually has its own set of regulations when it comes to the number of races per day. Most countries hold 1 race per day so it makes it easier for people to follow the race. But on most occasions, they might hold 2 or even 3 races in a single day. This depends largely on the weather conditions. In the winter season, you have to take care while holding the race because of snowfall which can cause many problems.

Horses Must Be Registered With The Jockey Club

Any horse who wants to run must belong to the Jockey club. They have the licenses that allow them to participate in this competition. If a horse is not registered then he/she cannot compete. Some people say that it is unfair to let unregistered horses participate. However, in case you ask me then I would surely agree that all those horses should also have an opportunity to fight for big cash prizes.

Horses Are Stabled At Different Locations Before The Race

When you want to know where your horse is, you need to ask him his name so that you could find out about his stable location. A horse is stabled before the race so that everything is ready. When the races start, the jockeys mount the horses and then head out towards the finish line.Did you know you at casino en ligne en France you can bet your favourite horse and stand a chance to win big.

In conclusion, horse racing is indeed a beautiful sport to watch. Not only do you get to see the beauty of animals but you also get to experience an adrenaline rush when your favourite horse crosses the finish line first.

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Different Types Of Gambling Apps

There are many types of gambling apps that you can download on your smartphone or tablet, and they vary in terms of the type of game offered and how much money is involved. Some games have a very low entry fee, while others require a lot of money to play. Gambling is exciting, both online and offline. The thrill of winning at the slots or betting on sports events makes us want to play more.

In recent years, gambling has become a big business. There are now over 50 million global bettors and gamblers, from poker players to sports fans to slot players.

While some people enjoy the adrenaline rush of playing online pokies real money games, the majority of gamblers lose their money because they don’t know where to start or they gamble without understanding the risks. Here are five common types of gambling apps.


Poker is one of the most popular forms of gambling. It involves two or more players who compete against each other for cash prizes. In fact, it was invented by an American Civil War veteran named James Bluffet. He created this card game as a way to pass the time during his long train rides between New York City and San Francisco.

The first recorded poker tournament took place in 1887 when four men played for $25. Today, there are hundreds of different variations of poker, including Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven Card Stud, Five Card Draw, and Caribbean Stud.

The best part about poker? You don’t need any special skills to play! All you need is a deck of cards, a table, and a group of friends.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are also known as video poker machines. These are basically mechanical versions of traditional fruit machines. They were originally designed to help french casinos make extra profits. But today, they are used by millions of people all over the globe.


Roulette is probably the world’s oldest form of gambling. It was introduced in France in 1776 and became hugely popular with European aristocrats. The wheel spins around and lands on a number, which determines whether you win or lose. If you bet on red, then you will be paid if the ball falls on a red number. However, if you bet on black, then you will only receive your money back if the ball lands on a black number.


Bingo is another fun form of gambling. It’s similar to roulette but instead of numbers, bingo uses letters. Players use a sheet of paper to cover up certain words. They then look through a grid of squares until they find words that match the ones covered up. When they do, they shout out “bingo”.

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Facts you didn’t know about horses

Horses are the most common animal companion in North America, but they also happen to be one of the hardest animals to train. They don't usually respond well to commands or even treats, and they don't naturally bond with humans. But did you know that horses have their language? Let's see some of the facts you didn't know about horses in the article below.

They're intelligent

Horses can learn a wide variety of tasks that we take for granted such as riding and driving them, grooming and cleaning them, training them, beting on horse at casino online, them when ill or injured, etc., all through trial and error and instruction. You may wonder if this caring means that horses can think for themselves, but trainers will tell you that it takes time and patience on your part before you can teach a horse anything specific. Horses do not possess the ability to reason, just like dogs and other canines.

Horses have their language

We've already touched upon how horses communicate through body language, sounds, smells, movement of ears, teeth, nails, lips, and hooves. But have you ever wondered what specific words they might use? It turns out, there is a written form of their language. Researchers who study equine communication have developed an Equitherapy (Equi-therapy?) method that teaches people how to match certain sounds horses make with feelings, actions, behaviours, and objects. The idea is that by understanding what these sounds mean, you can better relate to your horse and get a more rewarding relationship.

They share similar personalities

The personality traits of horses aren't too different from those of dogs but on online pokies real money you cant bet on dogs.Some breeds tend towards being more shy and aloof while others love to socialize. Many factors contribute to a horses' temperament including genetics, past experiences, current conditions, age, environment, nutrition, health problems, injuries, and so forth. Just because two horses have the same breed doesn't mean they'll necessarily react the same way to situations or stimuli. What's more, studies suggest that horses and dogs who live together feel closer than those kept apart.

In conclusion, horses are very interesting creatures whose personalities are as complex as any pet dog or cat. They deserve our respect, care, and attention! Also, make sure you research other facts that you didn't know about online casinos.

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How to Grow Your Personal Finances in 6 Weeks

Are you looking to increase your savings or start investing in stocks? There’s no better time to get started than now!

Financial literacy has never been more important. As the economy continues to operate under uncertainty, it’s critical to be financially savvy. The good news? These four steps will help you save australia online casino sites money, invest wisely, manage debt, and learn personal finance basics quickly.

Step1: Track How Much You Spend 

One of the first things that I recommend is tracking how much money you spend each month. It could be a simple budget where you record every single purchase. Or, if you are tech-savvy, you can use an app like Mint or Every Dollar. They allow you to track all of your spending quickly from different sources such as credit cards, debit cards, receipts, etc.

Step2: Start Saving Money Right Away

Once you have a baseline number for your monthly expenses, it's time to focus on saving money. If this is something new for you, then don't worry - there are plenty of ways to begin saving today. Start by putting $5/week into a savings account (if you're 18+, $10 if you're 17).

Step3: Set Goals

The next thing you want to do is set financial goals that you strive to achieve within six weeks. For example, let’s say you decide that you want to save up for a car and reach out to friends for a loan or grant. Whatever your reason may be, make sure it is quantifiable so you know exactly what step towards achieving it you are taking.

Step4: Pay Off Debt

Finally, once you have achieved your short term goal, it’s time to tackle any existing debts. This means setting aside whatever amount necessary so you can pay off your credit card balance. Don’t forget about student loans, either; they need to be paid off if you want to go to graduate school or continue with a career in roulette en ligne business.

The Bottom Line 

This is real money that should be treated as such. Make sure that you allocate enough funds into savings each week so that your money gets put away without requiring constant monitoring. Once you are able to successfully grow your finances over the course of six weeks, it will give you confidence moving forward when it comes time to launch your own business. 

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How to start a thriving online business

The advent of new technologies and the internet is making life easier for many individuals. It has improved the traditional way of doing business. Moreover how people are doing business these days has dramatically improved with the use of the internet and new technology. Many business transactions occur online nowadays. Today that anyone can start an australian casino business irrespective of their professional background. This article gives tips and discusses how to start a thriving online business.

Choose the nature of the business.

Firstly you have to determine the focus area of your online business. Experts advise that one has to choose an area one is very passionate about. Choosing your focus area also helps to identify your target market. Three online business products you can sell include:

Goods (physical).

These are material items which are tangible and can be stored somewhere e.g. Clothes, Groceries, Cars, and Gadgets. The downside of starting an online casinos canada business selling goods is that goods include several operational costs compared to selling services.


Starting an online business selling services entails you selling your time in exchange for money. You can do that by offering the following services remote coaching, virtual assistant services, ghostwriting, online tutoring etc.

Digital Products.

You can create content in digital form and sells it online e.g. eBooks, audio courses, video tutorials etc.

Do market research for your product /service.

After deciding on your focus area for your online business you then need to conduct market research. You can do that by taking a closer look at your main competitors.

Know who your competitors are. How much money are they charging for their services, goods or digital products? Which marketing strategies are they implementing to get clients? Weaknesses and strengths.

Launch your online business brand.

Elements of branding for your business include business name, logo, taglines, and colours. Branding for your online business is important because it establishes your unique identity in the marketplace. Make sure you have an optimized website done by professionals to attract visitors to your website.

Market your online business.

Invest in Paid ads, social media marketing, email marketing and Influencer marketing to drive traffic to your e-commerce store.


In conclusion, you can start a thriving online business by just following the above-highlighted steps.

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Checking Your Email is Very Much like Gambling

I don't know about you, but I'd hate to think I was addicted to anything. 

In fact, I could write a list of all the things I'm not addicted: 


The list could go on forever. Well, at least, I hope it would else I may have a problem or two. I'm sure one addiction would be hard. Two it's getting complicated. Three or more and I'd be drinking scotch at the Betty Ford Clinic while flicking through porn on my phone.

I guess you could be addicted to something!

''Move on, Bozo, I'm not addicted to anything. Not even your amazing articles...''

The problem with addiction is that often we don't even realise we have a problem until it's too late. 

This ''addiction thingamabob'' doesn't even raise its ugly head until someone boxes us into a corner, steals our meds (Betty Ford) or we read an article, like this, and consider, for a moment, and say:

''What the hell, I'm dealing with a full-blown addiction. I'm struggling to stop doing A, B, or C (C doesn't stand for crack cocaine, well not for me, at least). 

I really don't know. What's your ''Pleasure?''

How many times do you check your email? 

I love reading, especially psychology because it is a tool for advantage. The publication Predictably Irrational is written by Dan Ariely (2009). 

Email addiction (as with all social media) does have a psychological principle behind it. In fact, behavioural psychologist B.F. Skinner called it ''schedules of reinforcement''. Unsurprisingly, this is all about the relationship between actions and associated rewards. You may have read about the Skinner Box which housed a hungry rat and lever the rodent pressed to get a pellet of food. 

Now here's the reason why you just love to keep checking your email like a hungry rat or a gambler playing the slots. 

Skinner's distinguished between fixed-ratio and variable-ratio schedules of reinforcement. 

Under the fixed-schedule, a rat would receive a pellet of food if pressing the lever a fixed number of times (say 20 lever presses and hey presto he gets some corn). It's like you playing the slots but guaranteed a win every 10 spins. 

The varied schedule sees the rat wondering which press of the lever will deliver his next meal. It could be the first press or the hundredth. It's random, so your guess is as good as mine (or the rats). 

I guess we can all associate with the unpredictable nature of variability. 

But here's the interesting question: ''Which of the two ''fixed-ratio'' or ''varied-ration'' is the most motivating? 

You might think the fixed ratio would be more motivating and rewarding because you can predict the outcome. 

However, the varied ratio is more motivating.  

The true details are appreciated when the motivation stops. With the fixed-ratio reinforcement, the rat stops pressing the lever pretty quickly when the reward isn't forthcoming. 

The problem with the varied-ratio reinforcement is that the rat kept pressing the lever in hope of a reward even if it was an unprecedented number of presses. The rat's thinking: ''I'd normally have some food by now after 100 presses but now I'm on 1000 I'd better continue.''

You may have guessed that rats aren't the only ones to struggle with the varied-ratio reinforcement - humans do too. It's a great way to motivate. 

From a gambling perspective, it's the dark magic that keeps you playing the slots (as it does with the lottery, roulette & even your premium bonds).

How much fun would it be to play a slot machine if it guaranteed a win every ten spins? At first, it seems a good idea but it would soon become boring. The joy of gambling is its unpredictable nature. You may wait for 101 spins but if you hit the jackpot who cares! Basically, it keeps you playing.

But what does this have to do with email?

Even though you may have never thought about it before, checking your email is very much like gambling. 

Most emails are junk. It's like pulling the lever of a one-armed bandit and losing. 

However, every so often you receive a message you really want. It may be a message from a friend, relate to a job, or some random casino offering 100 free spins. We are happy to receive an unexpected email. 

That's why we become addicted to checking, hoping for a surprise. 

We just keep pressing that lever, again and again, until we get our reward. 

So that is the reason you may well have an email addiction. 

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Betting Industry Expert: Who Is Matthew Trenhaile?

Who is Matthew Trenhaile?

I always love a good YouTube video and the betting industry offers a mix of individuals from those with true wisdom to chancers who really have little to offer as far a true insight and  intellect go.

Introducing Matthew Trenhaile, who was interviewed by Star Sports Bet TV in this four-part series and illuminating conversation. He really offers a great perspective compared to the conventional punter approach which can often feel quite limited. 

Part 1 - 

Trenhaile has 20-years experience within the betting industry. First starting within the spread betting sector, golf and rugby, before working in the city as a risk manager in currency markets. In addition, he worked for betting syndicate.

One of the most respected opinions in the betting industry. Trenhaile describes himself as a 'Betting Industry Nerd'. In this video he talks about working with Mustard Systems (a golf betting syndicate), spread betting, tissue pricing and appreciating information within the game.


Part 2 - 

Talks frankly about working in the city and a change of career based on personal reasons, how investors were placed in book A or B and hedging on the cheap. Insight regarding risk management with reference to boomakers and his thoughts on liabilities and closing accounts when a sharp punter bets.


Part 3 -

Matthew why a betting syndicate often starts with three opinions, what inside information can mean depending on the sport/market, and how to understand markets. Insight about how bookmakers assess punter performance and restricted accounts, and details how things are not always as they seem from winning punters keeping accounts to some punters being stopped after one winning bet.

Part 4 -

Here Trenhaile (Trent to his friends) details the sharp money on the exchanges, Commission Agents and ''dark pools''. Insight about his own betting, and how some betting on the exchanges get burned out. Makes reference to Harry Findlay in the good, old days finding value betting odds-on and how that has changed.

Comments include: 

Richard Walsh: ''Superb stuff, could listen to Matthew all day. Please tell him to come back doing podcasts.''

Lee Horton: ''This bloke definitely knows his stuff, well part from thinking Harry Findlay was a Really enjoyed it.''

M.F. Oi: ''This is content for anyone who likes gambling. Thanks for making all these videos.''

Jay Rocc: ''This is my favourite of all the people you've interviewed. Could listen to that chap for hours.''

Eric Campbell: ''Great interview. Superb knowledge.''

Steve Buxton: ''As sharp as a blade.''

Source: Star Sports 

Additional: Podcast 

Inside Betting | Listen Notes

Saturday, 2 April 2022

Professional Tipsters: Are They Flogging a Dead Horse?

Back in the good, old days I used to give free tips for two-year-old horse racing. 

It was on this blog. 

I kind of enjoyed the experience at the time and had a few good people take an interest. 

It might sound big headed, but I have an exceptional knowledge of two-year-old horse racing. In fact, I consider myself the best in the country. 

I don't say those words lightly, it's just a fact.

Although I don't have anything to prove and really couldn't give a thought if you think differently. 

It matters not.

I've never been someone who is interested in other gamblers talents. There are plenty of good judges, unsung heroes, out there who just get on with doing their thing. They don't need the spotlight to shine down on them. These so-called horse racing ''influencers''. 

That's a joke term if I ever heard one. Most are better at marketing than betting with knowledge or success. 

I've seen a number of ''big shots'' on YouTube who I can guarantee make the majority of their money via advertising, affiliates or selling courses or training. 

Good luck to them. It may sound like I'm being critical but that's far from the truth. All work hard to make their success. 

I just wonder if they really know what they are lining themselves up for. 

All that glitters isn't gold. 

It really doesn't matter to me whether someone else is successful, amazing or hopeless because my focus is on myself. I don't mean that in a selfish way as I am always here to be supportive, encouraging and do my best for others. But for each of us to succeed we need to focus on how we can improve our game. 

It's a personal battle rather than looking at those around you as competition or being fearful. 

Like the person who supports someone on Twitter and they can't even return a follow. I'm not being funny, but to me that's a definition of someone with a problem. 


Many professional tipsters supplement their income by related work. In fact, a number of well-known professional gamblers have seemingly ditched the slog against the turf accountant to join forces or be a pundit. 

Each to their own, although I do, slightly, consider they have sold their soul for a bundle of cash. 

It's easily done.  

We all need to make a living and I would probably jump at the chance of spouting a lot of cliches on Racing TV. 

No one can know everything, hey. And if you dilute the orange squash that little too much it doesn't leave the best taste in your mouth. 

It makes me smile as my brother said he wants to show everyone how good a gambler he is and smash those bookies along the way. He is a very good gambler and has smashed the bookies along the way. 

He isn't famous. 

The last thing I want or need is recognition of any type. In fact, I don't want it or need it. 

Listening to a recent video about one of the Twitter horse racing tipsters (I won't say his name, although I'm not saying anything negative about him) he said something about recognition...

I thought: ''Who gives a toss!''

The only person who needs someone to approve them or give them a slap on the back is someone who isn't at their journey's end. If they were, they would realise the last thing they need is any form of credit, applause, appreciation or a medal pinned on their arse. 

It's an illusion that it matters. It will make no difference to your life and perhaps make it worse. 

My Dad said: ''If I knew something worth knowing I wouldn't tell a soul and keep it to himself and have a smile on his face.''

At the time I was probably in my late teens or early twenties and I thought it was a silly comment. I needed recognition from others. It's only later in life I realised he was correct. There is very little anyone can say which really makes much difference when it comes to tipping horses. 

It is a futile endeavour. 

My online friend, Eric Arnold, who sadly passed away far too young said the same thing. 

The idea of someone giving a tip for a horse the evening before the race is, in truth, a ridiculous idea. It's like a laboratory experiment trying to control variables when there is no control. To be a successful gambler it's about knowledge, circumstance and timing. That's what makes a good bet.

If you don't understand what that means then I'm not going to explain it. 

Giving tips is bordering on pointless. 

If that's your way of making money I would have to question how it makes much sense. Surely if you are a successful tipster you should be making money without selling tips.

It's like a definition of an unsuccessful gambler. 

I guess it's a state of transition, which is a fair excuse if you need one. 

It's a strange one. I may give an odd tip or two because I am generous. Usually if someone is going to the races and they know sod all. 

If someone says they are a professional tipster and it's not a costly service, I would say: ''What's that all about!''

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