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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Advertising With HCE

What does advertising mean to you? The end result shows a profit on your original outlay whether by way of sales or adding brand awareness. Well, you've come to the right place because that's our aim, too. Not only that, we want you coming back for more. It's all about supply and demand. Let's face it, however appealing those ice cubes look we know it's going to be hard work selling to an Eskimo. However, if you're interested in everything equine - whether hands-on, media or related products - then we can be of service at a very affordable price. Our website is a one-stop shop for everything that gallops so if you wish to advertise from a cool full page to a tiny chilled-out text link then drop us a line.  

What Can We Offer You?
There's always a great new concept at HCE. Make no mistake we know companies love proven results and why they advertise on successful blogs & websites - just like ours. You may ask: ''How do you measure success?'' For one, we regularly have business knocking at our door. Bookmakers, Racecourses, Agencies, & Websites  are making the discovery that they can save time and money with High Class Equine. They know we have a healthy ranking on search engines. For example, we are regularly number 2 (page1) on Google for the key words ''Racing Tips''. In fact for ''2yo Racing Tips'' we are ranked at the top of the tree. With proven results we are the safe option. We guarantee you come first with customer service. We attain 800 - 1000 page views a day, over 400,000 page views since our foundation and our popularity is growing by the day.

So what can we offer?

We sell annual text links for less that you would imagine. In fact, the Racing Post are among our regular patrons. 

We are very popular with paid posts. These are a great way to tell the racing community about your latest offer, website or even tipping service. You would be amazed how many posts we sell. Why? Because they are affordable and work. 

We charge £90 for one post with a link or two. But that's just the start of our promotion. To go the extra furlong we promote your post on our 3 Twitter pages. This gives you access to around 15,000 followers. In fact, we promote you daily for two weeks which pretty much guarantees you will top our most popular post list. Not bad work for under one hundred pounds.

It doesn't stop there. Once you buy a blog post, annual text link or just want a Twitter campaign we will make sure you come back for more. How? Because not only will you see results but all future advertising will be offered at an even better rate. 

We want HCE to be your first call when you think advertising & you can bet we will deliver.     

For proven results contact us today. 

Jason Coote
Sales Manager