Tuesday 19 February 2013

2013 Gold Cup Winner Is? A Daft Whiner

The Cheltenham Gold Cup. What a race? Pure class. However, I just can't help but tamper with things. So each year I love to have a little bit of fun with the anagram name generator. You know the kind of thing, it turns a normal everyday name into something akin to verbal abuse. I really should know better by now but I just can't help myself. For starters, I had a difficult decision to make. I chose to exclude offensive words! I'm sure I've missed a trick with my ethical standing. I bet there have been times when you wanted to go up to a trainer after their horse had run like a three-legged pig and say: ''Did you realise that Coy Sully Unit is a....(You Silly....Bleeeeeeeeeeeep)? Obviously I would never - normally - dream of doing such a thing but idol curiosity has got the better of me. Remember the obscenity button has been muffled in fear of legal action. So what does the anagram name generator make of this year's race?  I'm interpreting the generated words with a little poetic justice. It's a well-meaning spanner.      

Bobs Worth 
It doesn't read well for Bobs Worth fans because the generator said Throws Bob.

Sir Des Champs 
Has a problem with a Spider's Chasm.

Silviniaco Conti
Doesn't look to be in a going mood or garner much support with So Civil Inaction

Long Run
Not sure if Long Run has a breathing problem but the generator said Lung Nor

First lieutenant
Simply: Futile Transient

Imperial Commander
We don't want any misfortune but it returned Maim Manic Deplorer

The Giant Bolster
The anagram generator suggest weight could be a problem stating Bloaters Tighten

Prince De Beauchene
Seems an indifferent character being defined as Been Cheap Nice Rude

China Rock
I'm tempted to have a flutter on this one. Looks a Rich Conk.

Cape Tribulation
Save your money with this Uable Patraotic

What A Friend
He's been called A Daft Whiner

Who needs Thommo when the generator starts spouting out opinions!