Monday 13 February 2012


Nothing much happening on the racing front. I have to go into town and buy a Valentine's Day card which will get to the intended ? sometime this year, but not tomorrow. Sounds mysterious, hey. I'm sure if Columbo was on the case he could work out who ravished Mrs Plum, in  the bedroom, after buying a card and box of chocolates. I always struggled with Cluedo and Columbo. I know one uses a board and dice while the other wears a mack. 

Humour. That's what we need. I receive lots of spam. Generally, it is filtered out so most goes by without consideration, thrown into the imaginary bin. However, in its own way, some of the comments are quite funny. Here is a selection just to make all those who spamheads realise that sometimes it pays dividends.

''You know i dont usual comment, but i genuinely like your blog and i thought i would introduce myself. I have been reading it for awhile but this is my 1st comment.''

''Hello, i read your site, this a best site from me, thanks!''

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