Sunday 12 February 2012

A Quiet Sunday...

Bar my Cadbury's Creme Egg talk it has been a quiet day. Thanks to ''Bobby'' for showing willing. Next Sunday, he has two eggs to bet. I'm quite excited by the thought of popping to the corner shop and saying: ''Can I have a paper, bottle of milk and 4,000 creme eggs, please.'' Yes, my winner has two eggs: a win /each way single and a straight accumulator. You may be thinking I don't want him to win. However, you couldn't be further from the truth.I am willing a win. What a story that would make. I would have that submitted to the Sun before you could say page three Flake girl.

It has been slow going finding new subscribers to HCE Gold. I know many of you will think this is the wrong time to join because the Flat season has yet to start and the two-year-olds can be slow to gather momentum. To my way of thinking, it makes sense to be prepared. You may not believe me, but it makes little difference to me whether we have one subscriber or one thousand. I am all about honesty, and I think we have 15 recruits so far. I am pleased with our loyal supporters. Each is important and I know for a fact they will be impressed. HCE Gold isn't simply firing out tips it is truly selective. What may surprise you, is that each tip is part of a plan to make a profit with the potential of making good money. It has been structured to make the most of opportunities. Being part of HCE Gold means you will be advised in a calculated manner, which is part of a bigger picture. I cannot say too much about this information because it is not going to be made freely available. Why? Because it has substantial value to me. In fact it has more worth than you could imagine. Joining HCE Gold isn't about me making vast sums of money. That may well be the case in 2013, but this year's subscription is simply about trust and having faith. It is about being part of the HCE team. Our subscribers are important because they have shown a very special character trait. Faith. I have high expectations of myself and feel that this new venture is something above and beyond what many blogs or tipping services have forwarded before. However, I am open enough to appreciate that time will be our judge.