Tuesday 20 September 2011

The Horse Trainer Website Directory

You know, you've all been missing a trick!

You have something under your nose and you still haven't noticed its existence. Mystified? Well, so am I in a way because so few people make use of The Horse Trainer Website Directory. It's FREE. And probably the best source of insider information you are likely to find in a month of Sundays. Don't take my word for it, see what the trainers have to say. 

I know updating blogs with links can seem like a hassle when there is always something else to do but this is one link you cannot afford to miss. Add this link to your blog/website today because it's a valuable tool for all your readers. This is a vital portal to 100's of trainer websites/blogs/Twitter links. There waiting to open the door to your specific trainer's thoughts. I use it regularly when I am betting to get the inside knowledge. You would be surprised how honest some trainers can be!  Just imagine the time it would take to find these links one by one. I can tell you, it took me weeks to update this list and it sits in cyber space rusting away like a back axle of a Massey Ferguson tractor. 

This is what the blog says:  

The Horse Trainer Website Directory

Whether you are a potential racehorse owner, racing fan or want to hear the latest news straight from the horse's mouth, this websites is a vital portal to 100s of Flat and National Hunt trainer websites. Why BOOKMARK individual sites when you only need one: The Horse Trainer Website Directory

Click on the link below and take a look. Better still, add this link to your blog/website because I can guarantee your readers will thank you.


Note: you will notice on viewing the directory I have added a blog list which features everyone in our community, so I would be most grateful if The Horse Trainer Website Directory could be added to your blog/website. Many thanks.