Thursday 15 July 2021

Who Is Stephen R Power? (Racing Influencer)

If you love your horse racing then you must have heard about @racingblogger.

Whether you love him or hate him (I don't like that word) you may have seen him on your Twitter timeline. To be honest, I hadn't seen or heard much of him. A year or so back I noticed Bloggsy (as he is often called) on my Twitter timeline. 

Someone must have shared a post. 

I said: ''Whose that bloke with the most fashionable hair in racing, at some Irish racecourse, Guinnes in hand and cheering home a nice winner. He had a laddish entourage shouting in harmony, all having the time of their life.'' 

The post was muted but it all looked good fun. 

In many respects Racing Blogger is a new kid on the block, starting his Twitter account back in 2016. As he said it started on a cold, winters, day at Kempton Park. In that short time he has achieved over 57K followers, been published in the Racing Post and worked for French racing and had a stint with Betdaq. 

His style of interviewing the great and the good at racecourses caught the attention of race fans and media alike. 

It takes a brave man to walk up to John Gosden or Mark Johnston and ask for a comment there on the spot. 

Twitter is a platform which has its share of trolls and if you have an opinion you are sure to get some abuse. Racing Blogger is one of those Marmite people who has an equal measure of lovers and haters. To be fair, this is probably the reason for his success. Without conflict we are left with boredom. There's nothing boring about Stephen R Power, a man who enjoys a good cup of coffee, good food and a pint or two as he makes waves in racing. 

Racing Blogger aspires to get a job within racing media such as At The Races or Racing TV. 

When many TV pundits are the equivalent of watching paint dry he would be a breath of fresh air and if bringing his Twitter followers to the party would help bring a new, younger audience to racing.  

Horse racing needs new blood and a fresh approach. There's a reason why so many people press the mute button with the outdated pundits who really offer little to the conversation beyond racing cliches and limited knowledge. 

Could Racing Blogger be the answer to the question?

Only you can decide. 

From wondering who is the Racing Blogger, to hearing about his approach to life and horse racing passion, learning that he is loved and hated by many I've come to the conclusion he is a decent bloke who wishes to make his mark in racing and get the story across to a new audience. 

That cannot be a bad thing as far as I'm concerned. 

Stephen R Power has hit the ground running and over these last six years gone from one follower to 57K. That doesn't happen without having a talent, passion and love for horse racing. 

I pressed the follow button and would love to have a chat with his at the races. 

Good luck to you Racing Blogger, you will get your seat at the table very soon. 

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