Thursday 15 July 2021

Gambling: Money, Sex & Revenge

You may be asking what's that all about?

These three, innocent or not, words are behind just about every murder. Thankfully, I have never been involved with anything like that not being a money-seeking, sexual deviant with an inkling for revenge. 

I say that tongue in cheek. 

Out of the three, I would opt for money, without menaces. 

I really need to change the subject before I dig myself into a hole. 

Six-feet deep?

If money, sex and revenge are the motivation for murder, I wonder what is the motivation(s) for most gamblers?

Money (yes), sex (I don't think so), revenge (I can't quite see how that would work).

Here goes my three motivations:

Money, Passion (not sex) & Achievement. 

Not in any particular order, although money is a big motivation because as the saying goes: ''Money makes the world go round...''

You may have noticed my list of three is lacking in some way. I wonder what would be your list of motivations. The why of behaviour. Let's face it, without motivation we wouldn't be much good at anything. 

It would be like watching a chick-flick when your name is Flathead Joe. 

I wonder if you would have the word ''Buzz'' in your list of motivations. Your fuel for the fire. That neurotransmitter which gets your synaptic nerves firing like an AK47.  

A scoop or two of endorphins, or whatever they may be. For most humans a toxic blend of nicotine, whiskey and Gregg's sausage rolls. 

Betting for the buzz isn't a crime. No one is going to lock you up without parole. But it isn't a motivation that does any gambler much good. It shouldn't be your cardinal motivation. Perhaps it is your cardinal sin. 

Now, no one is saying you won't get a buzz for betting and winning but it shouldn't be your guiding light. 

If you had to detail your three gambling motivations, what would they be. 

Perhaps you will say:

Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll.

Photo: Pixabay free for commercial use and no attribution