Saturday 11 August 2018

What to Look For When Studying Racing Form

To get the inside scoop on horse racing, and to help you to select the best possible outcomes for your bets, studying the racing form is vitally important. For many people however, looking at a form table can be quite difficult to decipher, and if you don’t know what you are looking for you will end up finding the form confusing, the opposite of what it is there for. There are many ways for you to get the inside line on racing, you can get tips for betting on racing from 188Bet's blog, you can find more expert tips on social media, or you can follow these tips and use the form guide to make your selections. 

Recent Results 

The first thing that you will need to look at when studying racing form is the recent results and how each horse has finished. Animals too can get themselves into a hot streak so a horse which is coming into the race off the back of a string of great results, would indicate that they are in a rich vein of form. There is a little bit more to consider than simply the result, as there are several permutations that could make a victory better or worse. Nonetheless, you should start by looking at recent race results of the horses. 

Track Types 

All tracks are not the same and this is where you should be looking next. For example, if you have picked a horse out that has 3 recent wins, they may look an attractive prospect for the upcoming race, however, if the horse has won 3 times on a 1km track, and the upcoming race is on a 2.5km track, the horse may not have the stamina to win on the longer distance. Track types are also very different, some tracks are turf, others can be poly-turf, which can affect the horses differently. 


Looking into the records of the jockeys that will be riding is also a smart move and can give you a good indication of who may triumph. Jockeys can have a huge impact on the outcome of the race, and a good jockey on a poor horse can easily beat a great horse with an out-of-form jockey. 


Trainers generally have their favorite racecourses which they train their horses for, so understanding who has trained the horse, and then looking at their statistics at the racecourse of the upcoming event, will make a lot of sense. This is especially true when it comes to the big annual events as some trainers will work hard towards the big competitions, where the prize money is biggest. 

The more that you study form, the easier it will be for you to understand, and for you to try and pick a winner. Without question though, studying the form guide is the single best way to get a reading on which way the race may go.