Sunday 12 August 2018

The strange world of how to win at horse racing with hypnosis?

I originally went to the race-track not because I had any intention to gamble, but because a friend who was working at the racetrack wanted me to meet the horse he was grooming - "Totally Ruthless". 

I was fascinated with the atmosphere. My first visit there made me feel as if I just stepped into a fairy-tale - the lights, sounds, smell and the overall energy of excitement were unlike anything I have ever experienced before and as you may guess, the moment I'd step on the racetrack, I'd step into an altered state of mind.

I'd get a thrill just from hearing the names of the horses like "No Sex Please", "Overnight with You", "Cinnamon Toasted'. At first, I didn't bet. I merely went there to soak up the atmosphere, to experience the trance, to get high on all the excitement. I would get high on the sounds and even on the smell of the racetrack.

I was soaking in the atmosphere of the racetrack and I soon discovered that as I tuned into horses, I would intuitively and effortlessly pick up the winning horses. I was doing well enough that people took notice and they started asking me which horse to bet on.

For a while, the racetrack was like my second home, or an office. If anyone wanted to meet with me, he had to show up at the racetrack. I lived and breathed horse racing. A friend of mine who never went to any racetrack before, started to accompany me to the racetrack. We were betting triactors (trifecta) and the first dozen times we won every single race we bet. Then we lost one and he got rather disheartened. Well, I never said we would win every single race and considering the races we won, and the odds of winning, I think we did extremely well.

In the beginning, I didn't pay much attention to the stats and previous performances and frankly speaking I did better than when I attempted to rely on stats. And while I still recommend reading the stats, unless you actually have some insider tips, I consider it very important checking out the horses before the race. When you rely on stats, you are betting with your head, when you take the time to observe the horses and let your subconscious soak up the information, your intuition may guide you in ways that are far more accurate than any stats and past performances.

Stats can help you greatly in races where one or two horses have clearly much better past performance than the rest of them, but observing the horses can help you to get the information about the condition and the mood of the horse just before the race and even if you consciously do not know how to read the signals that horses are giving, your unconscious mind and supply an amazing amount of information and sometimes in very interesting ways.

The way this has worked for me is that sometimes just before the race, a song would begin playing in my mind which happened to have key words that related to a horse in the upcoming race. For example, I may hear an old song about a girl called "Cinnamon" in a race where the horse by the name "Cinnamon Toasted" was about to race - and win the race. To you, Intuitive information can come in many other way - you may have a gut feeling, or have an image of a winning horse, or someone may say something, but whatever happens, you'll just know which horse to bet on.

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