Thursday 12 September 2019

Retired Accountant Wins Big After Tiny Bet

Imagine placing a tiny bet of £1 then picking five winning horses in a row on the same day, to net yourself a nice little pay cheque of nearly £60,000.

That’s what happened to Peter Titman when he managed to back all the right horses to race over the line first at York last weekend.

Playing a “Lucky 31” accumulator bet, his initial winnings were £38,901 after the horses El Astronaute, Roaring Lion, Afaak, Main Desire and Waiting for Richie all won their races on Thursday.

To make a Lucky 31 more appealing to punters, customers playing will all receive a fifty percent bonus if they can correctly pick five winners. Whilst each Lucky 31 bet will essentially cost a punter £31, Peter’s remarkable win took his eventual total to a staggering £58,352.

His long term betting pal didn’t make the races

On the day, Titman also believes his gaming luck was possibly increased by the fact his long term pal and betting friend Ian Carr didn’t make the day out as he was attending a hospital appointment.

Mr Titman who hails from Royton near Oldham in Greater Manchester spoke to the Manchester Evening News after his astonishing win and said that:
“I was always good at mental arithmetic and my uncle had me checking not only his, but his mates’ betting slips. I must have been seven or eight years of age but I could do my sums pretty well. At primary school the teachers used to ask my puzzled parents why I knew so much about horse racing and whether they were big gamblers, which they weren’t”

He went on to say that he was always top of the class in Maths at school and had actually at one point considered going into accountancy as a career.

Special win

Peter who is by his own confession a massive huge Oldham Athletic fan, jokingly said that the win was even more special to him because the bet was created by a Manchester United fan!

Laughing, he commented that
“I’m an Oldham fan and we were relegated after failing to match Rochdale’s result on the last day of the season, so taking £58,000 off a big United fan like Fred has cheered me up.”

picked up his winnings at the betting shop near his house and then went on to celebrate his win in his local pub. Then there was a good meal at a local restaurant for some of his friends.

He intends to spend the money on a new computer and will also possibly consider putting some of it towards getting a lovely holiday home in Lanzarote.

He finally added
"I’m just starting to get over our miserable stop-start FA Cup final defeat against Chelsea when we weren’t at the races and then I hear about this. Guess it proves you can always win big from a small stake at Betfred, and at least a very loyal customer is in the money.”