Friday 26 June 2015

Saturday Tipping Competition

The final week of June's Competition. It's all change. Alan Winter (pro) - always a good judge - found another juicy winner (12/1) to sit at the top of the leader board with 26pts. Jodonovan (pro) has been in form and second top with 21pts. Davidson (pro) has 17pts in third. With the next best being Stephenson (9pts) in fourth, it looks a three-tipster race. It's not over until the final horses passes the finishing line and one horse to prove you are the tipster to steal the show. 1PM Deadline. Good luck to all.

Tipster selections:

1:25 Newcastle - Fidra Bay 2pt w (HCE) Unp
1:45 Newmarket - Ubla 2pt w (Bobby Talk) Unp
1:55 Chester     - Cappy Brown 2pt w (Longbow) Unp
2:35 Newcastle - Seek The Sun 2pt w (Capt Heathcliffe) 2nd
2:35 Newcastle - Kimberella 2pt w (Shukman) Unp
2:35 Newcastle - Arctic Feeling 2pt w (Me Old Mum) 3rd
2:35 Newcastle - No Leaf Clover 2pt w (Gareth) Unp
2:35 Newcastle - Demora 2pt w (Inittowinit) Unp
2:50 Newmarket - Sixties Sue 1pt ew ( Winter) 4th
2:50 Newmarket - Lido Lady 2pt w (Emanuel) Unp 
3:10 Newcastle  - Dubai Dynamo 2pt w (Rawnsley) Unp
3:25 Newmarket - Horse De Combat 2pt w (Jodonovan) 2nd
3:45 Newcastle - Notarised 2pt w (Mark) Unp
3:45 Newcastle - Oasis Fantasy 2pt w(Davidson) Unp
3:45 Newcastle - Angel Gabriel 2pt w (Danny) 4th
3:45 Newcastle - Blue Surf 2pt w (Bird) Unp
3:45 Newcastle - Totalize 2pt w (Racing Mama) Unp
5:10 Newmarket - Wee Jean 2pt w (Clint) Unp
4:15 Chester     - Rowlestone Lass 2pt w (Waterhouse) 2nd
4:55 Newcastle - Oregan Gift 2pt w (Uncle Keith/Paul) Unp
4:50 Chester     - Tyfos 2pt w (Eric) Unp

Good luck to all 

Congratulations to Alan Winter who won the free and pro competition with 26pts, second Jodonovan 21pts & Davidson 17pts thirds.