Friday 17 April 2015

Saturday Tipping Competition

The third week of the tipping competition. A short month so every point counts. Winter hit the lead with a lovely National winner and was floating on many Clouds. A great victory which saw him zoom to the top of the pro ranks with 33.25pts. Bobby Talk (pro) tried to play it safe with the shortest priced each-bet on earth and holds second place with 23.145pts. Jodonovan (pro) has 12pts, while Eric (pro) & Jerry Banks (pro) have 10pts each. Still all to play for so get those tips it. 1PM Deadline. Good luck to all. 

Tipster selections:

1:15 Newbury - Qanan 2pt w (HCE) Unp
1:15 Newbury  - Viewpoint 2pt w (Jerry Banks) Unp
1:45 Newbury - Aussie Reigns 1pt ew (Racing Mama) Unp
2:10 Thirsk     - Yair Hill 2pt w (Rawnsley) Unp 
2:15 Newbury - Jellicle Bay 2pt w (Flyfisherman 8) 2nd
2:35 Ayr              - Pearl Castle 2pt w (Capt Heathcliffe) Unp
2:50 Newbury     - Ivawood 2pt w (Bobby Talk) 3rd
3:00 Bangor       - Dan's Quest 2pt w (Waterhouse) Unp
3:25 Newbury     - Brazos 2pt w OneEyeEnos Unp
3:25 Newbury     - Brazos 1pt ew (Shukman) Unp
3:25 Newbury     - Santefisio 2pt w (Danny)  Unp
3:25 Newbury     - Buckstay 2pt w (Clint) Unp
3:45 Ayr              - Sam Winner 2pt w (Jodonovan) Unp
3:45 Ayr              - Sam's Town 2pt w (Inittowinit) Unp
3:45 Ayr              - Catching On 2pt w (Gareth) Unp
3:45 Ayr              - Wayward Prince 2pt w (Me Old Mum) 1st (52pts)
3:45 Ayr              - Yes Tom 2pt w (Fred Pippage) Unp
3:45 Ayr              - Houblon Des Obeaux 2pt w (Davidson) Fell
3:45 Ayr              - Cape Tribulation 2pt w (Glueythepig) PU
3:45 Ayr              - Indian Castle 2pt w (Pam) Unp
3:45 Ayr              - Al Co 2pt w (Bird) Unp
3:45 Ayr              - Goonyella 1pt ew (Winter) 2nd (5pts)
3:45 Ayr              - Wiesentraum 2pt w (Uncle Keith/Paul)
3:45 Ayr              - Cali King 2pt w (Betmanmike) Unp
3:45 Ayr              - Harry The Viking 2pt w (Mark) Unp
4:35 Newbury      - Perfect 1pt ew (Stephenson) Unp
4:50 Nottingham - Sir Dudley 2pt w (Longbow) 1st (22pts)
6:15 Thirsk          - Clubland 2pt w (Eric) 1st (6.5pts)

Good luck to all.

Late change: 1:06 HCE Qanan - other NR. 

Note: I missed Rawnsley's tip (2:10 Thirsk) This can be verified as the tips are timed by email or Facebook page. I must apologise just didn't see it.