Monday 26 November 2012

General Thoughts

No two-year-old racing today or tomorrow. The season is winding down. I am hoping to make the most of this time with a few decent bets. On the turn of January I will start reviewing my trainer database and analyse individual strength and weakness. I run a number of tests to pinpoint the best statistical angles which can help focus the mind. The key factor for successful betting is to look in the right direction and why I rely so much on these guidelines. The reason why they are so important is that it is generally a positive to have an answer to a question rather than make a rash decision on the spur of the moment.It is all too easy to do the wrong thing and reflecting on these displays often reveal irrational behaviours. At least with a consistent - standardized - approach you have a reference point to judge ability. I will write a number of posts detailing these trainer profiles. 

We have three major websites at present. High Class Equine is the leader of the pack, while Horse Trainer Directory is becoming more established and a great resource for those wishing to locate horse trainer websites, blogs & twitter links on a simple format. The page views are quite healthy although I must admit I do wonder how to increase readership. It is an ideal website for people to bookmark because it has just about every trainer website available. We have received a number of testimonials from leading trainers.

The newest website is Gambler's Psychology Kit which details fascinating articles using psychology research with a gambling twist. The first day saw page views in the mid hundreds but as we only update every Monday the number slowly fall back as the week progresses. I have updated a new article today: Expert Vs Novice: Place Your Bets Now. This is part of a series of article relating to this subject matter which bring insight to what it takes to make a professional. 

Working on the websites can be a lonely pursuit in ways and I often struggle to find the best path to take with these formats. I often wonder where they will lead. I know next season I will not be giving any tips by text or email and simply write my blog posts and people can either use that information or not. I have once again struggled to detail tips when forwarding them to subscribers simply because the way I bet, which in many ways is based on statistics, it is an ever changing scene. One moment a horse will be forwarded and the next it shouldn't. I feel this is the reason so many tipsters struggle because there are so many variable which change with time. It is disappointing. It simply isn't something I feel comfortable with any more.