Tuesday 3 April 2012

Study Day: Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

It has been a hectic time of late. With updating a number of blogs I feel like a juggler with a handful of oranges. My only blessing is that no one hoofed-in a lemon to knock me off my stride. Love a nice juicy orange.

The Horse Trainer Directory is progressing well. We've had some Sterling feedback. Yes, I keep telling that Mr Moss to stick to his cars but I don't want to bring on a bout of road rage.  There is still some way to go but essentially its working format is in place. Basically, you have access to just about every thoroughbred Horse Trainer Website, Blog & Twitter link known to man or beast. I don't like to name drop, but we've even had a few big-name trainers taking an interest. I'm relentless in achieving my goals. 

So, what of today? No two-year-old races. To be honest it's a good thing. Why? Well, the most important factor to becoming a successful gambler is to have time to review each race: studying individuals with regard to performance, physical stature, attitude, running action, inexperience, fluent mover or not & that all important gut feeling. It is a multitude of factors which help build that all important picture - a winning horse. Study days are relaxed. No point becoming stressed out just watching a race. However, they can be quite demanding, concentrating for many hours. It's not like watching Emmerdale! A race may be watched thirty times to appreciate its totality. My brother, Tony, does very well with speculative bets simply by judging horses on how they look. This is part of my analysis but I must admit he is much better at spotting a certain ''good-looking sort''. It amazes me how he will watch a horse trail in last, so far out of screen shot that most people have switched channel before it galloped to the line, and say: ''I like that horse.'' It just proves that each person has their own way. And trust me, there is someone making huge money at every facet of this sparkling jewel we call horse racing. It pays to listen, watch & learn before we judge people & horses!