Sunday 25 March 2012

Sunday...And I'm Already Thinking About The Brocklesby

I have a slight cold, which has taken the shine off my sunny disposition... I doubt anyone has noticed.

Well, I will try and update a few more trainers on The Horse Trainer Website Directory. The page views were a little down yesterday. However, it is still early days and a number of bloggers have been kind enough to add links to their sites which is pleasing. Much appreciated. It is a valuable resource for their readers so it makes sense. Once it is up to scratch, I will be approaching a few big guns and seeing if I can twist their arm to join the club.

The new Flat turf season is getting closer by the day. As far as I can work out it starts on the 31st March, Doncaster's Lincoln meeting. This really makes my day. Why? Because it means the first 2yo race of the 2012 season will be the Brocklesby Stakes. For once common sense has prevailed where we start on a fitting note rather than a race at Kempton, Lingfield or Folkestone (as seen in past years) which has totally undermined this race of merit. For many racing fans, this point may have slipped by unnoticed. It has been a thorn in my side because the Brocklesby has a tradition and recognised by many trainers as a starting point for their early talents. The likes of Mind Games & Hearts Of Fire being just a couple of supreme past winners to go on to win at pattern class. In my opinion, horse racing is all about tradition - that's what makes it interesting and gives understanding to past and future achievements. 

I'm looking forward to next Saturday.