Thursday 22 March 2012

Quiet Day: I blame John Gosden

You men are so easy to attract with a pretty girl. Next time I will have a girl leading a horse round Yarmouth paddock. Sure that will get you hot under the collar! I've been a little quiet these last few days. I blame The Horse Trainer Website Directory, the likes of John Gosden et al helping me burn the midnight oil. The Flat turf season is getting closer by the day and I'm trying my best to update every NH & Flat horse trainer in the country. That is from the smallest stable to the largest yard, each deserves to be respected. That's a lot of work. It may take me three or four weeks, which I will fit between my 2yo racing. However, you will notice HCE turns things up a notch when the 2yo season begins. We will have our daily updates: race analysis, race comments & HCE Gold tips will begin in a patient fashion. I am not sure about giving HCE Regular tips. My reasoning is that I want to HCE Gold Tips to be the focus of all our attention. Clearly, my race analysis will highlight the main protagonists. The point I'm trying to make is that in ways any blog/website is on a hiding to nothing giving tips which are not at the highest level. My confidence in HCE Gold is high. Thanks to all those who have joined HCE Gold. The door is closing on the FREE subscription so if you don't want to stick your hand in your pocket you may want to consider it now. To be honest, it doesn't bother me if people join or not. However, you may be rather regretful if this year is a huge success because come April annual subscription will cost over two hundred pounds. Food for thought.