Sunday 8 January 2012

Sexy Tipping: What Can We Offer?

You have heard of the term ''sexy football''. But what about sexy tipping? Well, if ever a horse racing information service could reach such dizzy heights it has to be HCE Gold. For many years our dedication to two-year-old horse racing has fuelled our daily blog posts. In fact, we are proud of our expertise and believe we have the edge when it comes to our insightful knowledge.

However, we have long attempted to refine our knowledge to a tipping service which makes our readers say: ''I am confident this works.'' It has been a long road, but I feel we are thundering towards the finishing line. Having put myself in the shoes of our readers, I wanted to press forward to a higher level which meets your needs. What makes a winning tipping service? In truth, it is a combination of many variables. But most important, in my opinion, it's about ''confidence''. A faith that each and every tip selection has within a consistency which means those losing runs are something of the past. There are many successful tipping services. However, their Achilles' heel is that from one month to the next fortune may vary to the extreme. Punters strive to find that oasis but so often at the cost of barren spell foundering in a desert of losers. What happens if you join a tipping service a day after the peak and suffer a hostile period in the trough? That is the problem with so many services and why we have taken a different perspective. We often hear the tag that profitable betting should be viewed long-term. There is nothing wrong with such an approach if it suits your needs. But just as important is the short term perspective which is often neglected. 

Surely, both aspects must be the goal of every tipster & subscriber alike. 

Why Join HCE Gold?

1) Free Membership

2) A Dedicated Website (restricted to members only)

3) Good, Strong & Confident Bets: We cannot guarantee every horse will win, but we don't expect you to wait long term to see success. That is the key difference between this tipping service and others. These selections are based on both short term and long-term strength. Both consistency & confidence lead to a positive psychology. I know you will be impressed, but you will be our judge. If you wish to simply watch our selections for a week, month or year then that is your prerogative. We want you to feel confident in making your decision and winning opportunities. Don't miss these limited places. 

4) Our Edge: being a specialist in two-year-old racing, we have the skills to assess this season's batch of juveniles. For many punters, it may seem like a mine field. However, don't forget the converse of that argument - the opportunity to appreciate the talent of some of the best juveniles in training before others become aware. For those who run a portfolio of services, can you really afford to neglect this specialist area? As an individual, wouldn't it make a change to expect Good, Strong & Confident Bets.

5) You will be surprised how good this works.

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