Sunday 20 November 2011

Sunday Rest

Well, what can I say, today I'm going to church. I haven't been converted, it's a Christening. It is the turning of a new generation. I'm expecting a wave of Christenings over the next few years. Not sure what they are all about really. I've not noticed the parents going to church on a regular basis so it's a funny one, hey. Not being Christened myself, I am probably viewed as a devil or something. I know I'm a good person so I don't need a bible or someone sitting up in the clouds to wave their finger. One step closer to hell. At least it's hot and those bad girls look so good. 

With no two-year-old racing I will be analysing my trainer profiles. Every trainer who runs one or more two-year-olds will be studied over the next few weeks. Lots. The majority of smaller stables have such limited strings and sample size that it is difficult to find any significance. However, with time, patterns, traits and those gems of knowledge shine like gold. The most exciting trainers are those with enough horses [data] to reveal the workings of their mind. My study has pinpointed a number of angles which I am very confident will lead to profits. In fact, I have found a way of increasing this success to yield even more impressive results and this is the foundation to HCE Gold. It will take me a couple of months to conclude my study and then I will select the best of the best information which will make for about 50% of my bets next years. This data added to my form study will bring an added confidence for not only HCE but our loyal readers. I am still unsure whether I will actually be giving tips next season. I sometime wonder if our selection process works in this manner because it is forever changing. One moment a horse can be a selection, the next it is not. This is frustrating aspects of any tipping service. Each has its strength and weakness. HCE Gold will be a very selective approach which is not always well received. Many people enjoy a flurry of tips on a daily basis. I think the only way a tipping service can be viewed with confidence is if it is selective. Because most - even the very successful ones - have periods where losses are substantial. If you join a service at the wrong time it can be impossible to recoup those losses even though it is successful! I sometimes wonder if it is really worth the hassle. If HCE Gold tips are given next season they will be FREE. And if they achieve the success I believe then we will take it from there. However, I don't think I will detail this information. And may take the more relaxed approach of writing my daily race previews, which have more interest than simply detailing a tip. It is the appreciation, analysis and formulation of the thought process which brings interest.