Wednesday 5 October 2011

A Wandering Mind...Chancing My Luck

Not much of great interest today bar the 6:10 Kempton. HCE race analysis was spot on detailing the two main protagonists: Sunrise Dance & Bookiesindexdotnet. As it turned out, I had a wager on the race, slightly chancing my luck. I laid Gabrial's Bounty on the win market for a few tenners because I was convinced Channon's two-year-old would be outpaced. Having considered backing it in-running at much greater odds to cover the stake I had a change of heart & decided to take it on and instead put a few quid on the Jenkins' filly at 9/1 with the intention of laying the bet at 1.5.

I thought she would be pushed on by Hughes and probably crack at the finish and hoped to make a few hundred in the process. It soon become apparent that it was a two-horse race - a battle at that - so I cancelled all bets knowing that I would be on a winner if either prevailed. It was a great result seeing Bookiesindexdotnet win in a photo finish. I must admit I was surprised Sunrise Dance didn't take this race without too much fuss. That's racing for you.