Monday 10 October 2011

If You've Got the Shirt I've Got The Trousers...

I couldn't help smile this evening. My brother came round and we were talking about horse racing and specifically the garish fashion displayed by a certain trainer on the Norfolk coast. I said I had won a few quid laying Tobias Coles' two-year-old Sky Blue in the 1:40 Yarmouth. His bay filly made her debut at the three-day meeting we attended in September and couldn't help but notice he wore the brightest red trousers. I mentioned that he was wearing the same bright red cords today as he walked his charge around the paddock.

My brother said he thought Coles was a relation to John Berry - not sure why he said that or whether it is true or not - but instead of saying John, he called him Jack. I said: ''Well, if he's got the shirt, I know who's got the trousers.'' What a ruddy combination that would make! I bet Tobias wishes he had the same juvenile string as Jack Berry. New, talented trainers are only as good as their horses. Just think what he could do with a good horse or two. I always root for the under dog. Perhaps he should give Mrs Fitri Hay a call.