Monday 26 September 2011

Affiliate Programs: Selling Ice Cubes To Eskimos

Selling ice cubes to Eskimos. Inuits - being politically correct.That's how it feels. You may have guessed what I am talking about? (The picture was a help!) Affiliate marketing programs. Clearly, a subject close to many a blogger's heart. Bookmakers. Exchanges. I even saw someone trying to sell women's fashion! Those ads pop up like mushrooms. Everywhere. To be fair, I'm not against anyone making a few bob. Good luck: that's what I say. For the effort it takes to update a blog/website on a regular basis people deserve a return. It can be a thankless task this blogging lark. Very few last the test of time. Bloggers statistically die young. I mean, their blogs die young. That's it. Yes.

There is no doubting that every penny helps. For all those die-hards in our little community, you deserve ample return for your efforts. Sadly, I suspect, very few make a king's ransom from joining an affiliate marketing program. Perhaps you are the exception to the rule. From personal experience it really is like trying to sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Perhaps it is a short arms with deep pockets scenario, something to do with the cold or the price of blubber. You walk ten miles to the igloo door. If they have a door. Not really sure on Eskimo etiquette either. And say: ''Are you interested in buying some ice cubes from a man I know?'' The Eskimo - being a good fellow - politely smiles and says: ''None today. Thank you.''

I walk away with frost bite setting in...not from the good old boy but from the environment - it's bloody freezing.

Affiliate marketing programs are a little like that. Not to say that you can't make good money if you have vast volumes of traffic. My brother has a number of very successful blogs/websites. In fact he sold one to a company in the US a few years back. Was jetted off to San Fransisco. Even he didn't make a great deal from affiliate programs, so what chance does the little man have? I work with a company called Paid On Results. (And honestly, I'm not paid to say their name.)I don't mind letting slip how much money I have made because it is so little it doesn't make any difference. I simply wanted to write a blog post that many bloggers can relate to and that's why I just detail my thoughts. I am an honest little soul. Honest. If you ask me a question I will take my time to give you an answer. Affiliate programs beware... (joke).

Only two programs have made any money on HCE. They are the Online Betting Guide (OLBG) & Steady Eddie's FREE Horse Racing Tips. (The links are down at present because I have been busy re-vamping the blog!) Guess how much money I made? Can you image? Dare you imagine? To make it more fun I will categorize the sums. Is it £10? £100? Or over £1000? If you belong to an affiliate marketing program you know it's not the latter! If you are blogging on a similar level to me and making that much money then I will pay you a ton to know your secret.

I have earned the princely sum of £40.


You may as well throw me a broken spoon and say: ''Dig for diamonds!'' because I would have more chance of striking gold (well, diamonds, but you know what I mean). So there you go. My cloak and dagger has been well and truly taken to the cleaners. Here I am in my string vest and jogging bottoms. Typing. Blogging.

I wonder what experiences you've had? Perhaps you would like to leave a comment so I know where I'm going wrong. Perhaps you can point me in the right direction.

Turn right at the polar bear, take a quick left at the whale jaw bone and ask for Fred.

Is that the Eskimo who really wants to buy some ice cubes?

I made a new batch this morning. Ice cubes! Just for you...him...whoever!!!

See, you can tell I have been working on my spiel. 

Now where is that ice tray?