Friday 8 April 2011

It's All About Class - Low Class!

Knowledge is power. If you read the theory of relativity while on the back of a 50cc moped - you feel like you are flying! 

That's why it pays to follow HCE.

My brother is like one of those sniffer dogs. He has been specifically trained to bark when he finds a juicy morsel of knowledge. He is very well trained! Take today, he sniffed out a declaration for a selling race. I have never seen such enthusiasm since Toto ran down the yellow brick road. He notices those  interesting facts within two-year-old horse racing. He loves early race declaration better than one of those manky chew sticks.

So what makes selling or claiming declarations so interesting? It's the equivalent to a trainer walking over to you at the race course and whispering: 'I don't fancy mine in the next!' Who needs telepathy? Only today David Evans, Dandy Nicholls and Andrew Haynes gave me a few words of wisdom (thanks, guys!). So what am I talking about? Well I noticed the first stage declarations for a 2yo Selling race. Fascinating! To many people that may seem the most boring statement on earth. Wow. A selling race entry, you don't say. What next, you going to start talking about Steve Davis? Interesting as he may be...these entries can be so revealing. It isn't always the case, but if you owned a horse and it was considered for a plating race something tells me you wouldn't expect to see it racing at Royal Ascot come June. Such lowly race declaration confer a huge advantage to all those who care to take note them. Said it was interesting! The point being that many declared to run in selling or claiming races will be withdrawn. Where do they go?  No, not round Steve Davis' for a quick game of snooker. Many compete in maiden races. This is good news for those who realise what this means. As juveniles connected to a fashionable stable are likely to open at much shorter prices than they should. They often have a diminished chance of winning - usually drift dramatically in the betting. I can tell you something for free - very rarely will this information be published in the leading racing papers. It is a fallacy that big is better. Many of the most gigantic blue chip companies are not actually run very well at all. Their difference is that they can afford to make mistakes whereas the smaller business doesn't have that luxury.

HCE may be a small fish in a big pond of racing websites but we have an insight about two-year-old racing that actually gives you original cutting-edge data. Probably the most boring fact about horse racing are those dried-up cliches which are wheeled out year after year. There is only one reason you hear or read such things - because these 'fonts' of wisdom in truth have very little to say and even less that wants to be heard.

Don't make the mistake of missing our daily updates. If you bet on that selling-class horse in a maiden race because 'you didn't know' then come and read our daily blog because HCE will keep you informed.