Sunday 24 April 2011

50/1 (Backed to 25/1) Free Book Prize: Born To Punt by Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer is that rare commodity, a journalist with a huge and very loyal following for his regular columns in the "Racing Post". His many thousands of fans enjoy his idiosyncratic and amusing interpretation of his own and others betting activities as well as life in general. Where others see pain and misery Steve inevitably sees a unique and amusing angle. "Born to Punt" brings the best of Palmer's often hilarious anecdotes and stories together under one roof for the first time. These stories frequently involve the hideous misfortune and sometime joy which befalls the many of millions of punters who regularly bet each week.

Oh dear, I thought there would be plenty of interest in a chance to win a book for FREE. But no, it seems to have fallen upon blind eyes. I have lowered the number of comments as perhaps 50 put people off. I can't quite understand why people don't take an interest because if I happened to stumble across a blog that gave prizes away I would jump at the chance. Never mind - if I don't get to this lower number I will keep it for myself.

HCE loves to give things away. Books. Well, book! This book offer is going to be used a barometer of our readership. This is a prize draw but with a difference. 25 Readers (Unique users names) need to leave a comment saying why you like HCE for Born To Punt to fall off the shelf and into one lucky reader's hands. This is a collective goal. Tell your mates, Face book pals, that bloke who props up the bar at your local, even give your old gran a call.