Sunday 1 March 2015

Strange Horse Racing Handicapping Systems That Might Work

I've been using horse racing systems to find good bets for years and have seen a lot of different methods. The most important thing that I've learned over the years is that almost anything works some of the time, but nothing works all the time. That's right, there is no single horse racing system that will automatically produce winners all the time. That may sound a little strange coming from a man who has devoted a large part of his life to the intellectual sport of horse picking, but it is the truth.

On the other hand, since anything will work once in a while and the stranger the system the more likely it is to produce winners, there are some people who adhere to methods of finding their next wager that border on the occult. I've found that the more off the beaten path the system may be the more likely it is that the user believes in fate and pre-destiny. If you think that there is a hidden force that is deciding whether you will win or lose today, it is easier to believe that an irrational method of divining which horse to back makes sense.

Though I've never actually seen someone do this, I've heard that some people buy a program when they get to races and if there is a horse on the front cover, which there usually is, they stick a pin through the horses eye (the picture of the horse that is) and push it right through the program. Then, as they turn the pages to each race, whichever horse the pin has pierced is the one they will bet. The next time you're at the races, look around and see if you can see any pin holes in the programs being carried by your fellow handicappers. You may be surprised.

There is also the popular dice method. Before going to the track some people roll one or more dice and write the results down. Then they go to the track and play those numbers. For instance, if you have two dice you may roll them to determine the first horse to bet on, If it comes up a pair of deuces then you would bet the four. Next, you roll the dice again to determine the second horse. Once you've done that, you have your exacta bet for the day. But wait, before you finish here is an important consideration, should you box those numbers?

Roll the dice one more time and see if the result is an odd or even number. If the number is even then box the numbers, but if it is odd, just play them straight. That may seem like a foolish way to pick horses, but for many people, the races are a mystery and therefore, one method of gambling on them is as good as another.

I prefer to do a little more rational thinking and to consider the merits of each horse and then try to find good odds on a horse that I think has a realistic chance of winning the race. On the other hand, I have to admit, after decades of handicapping and betting on horse races, luck or fate or chance, whatever you may call it, does play an important part in horse racing success. However, that being said, I think an important part of luck is preparation and that means using a good system that makes sense.

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