Sunday 13 March 2011

Mr Anonymous... (What are you saying...)

Update - read the latter part of the post... 

I have been smiling since I looked at my comments (and posted this one quick march). Mr Anonymous left me a comment, which I have to share with you. This is what my comedy partner said:

hi jason are you the one in the middle with the fetching sweep over the eye hair style.;)i expect neil is out of the shot picking up the semi colon you dropped from your texts ealier !

I particularly like the comment about Neil, who you may have noted in my comments regarding the Racing Ahead post.

This is my reply to Mr Anonymous and my defence of Neil, who I feel may be filing a liable case after this...


I must admit your comment made me smile so much. That is just my type of humour. Brilliant. Sadly, that isn't me with the hair sweep over the eye. I agree it is a fetching, man-about-town look. However, I am so much better Yes, Neil, well, where do I start...he was out of the picture (like you say) and by the end of the shoot he had a bucket full of commas, missing full stops, and semi colons aplenty. I told him to go and look for some brackets as we need a shelf to put all of our comedy awards.


Update: As you may have gathered, the HCE banner wasn't our very own High Class Equine Fanclub. I found the photo on the internet. I have tracked down the article or whatever it is (because I cannot read the language) and pasted it below. We have the opportunity to learn something Well, I think the language is German. I will post it below. This is the handy part. I have uploaded a translator widget so it may be possible to actually read what the presentation of the HCE banner meant. :-) (HAVE FUN)