Saturday 16 January 2010

Terms and Conditions

1) We are unable to send text messages outside of the UK at this time. Emails are sent worldwide. If you have internet access on your mobile phone, this can sometimes be used as a workaround.

2) Technical issues are beyond our control. We cannot guarantee that you will receive information sent to email or mobile phone. During the 2009 season we experienced very few problems.

3) 2009 was a profitble season. We of course cannot promise or know that any given season will be profitable.

4) Subscription refunds cannot be made under any circumstances.

5) Information is not to be sold on or disclosed to any third party. Those engaged in such activies will no longer be eligable to receive tips.

6) You must be aged 18 or over to subscribe to any of our services and gambling must be legal in your country.

7) In subscribing to any HCE service, you acknowledge that you agree to follow these terms and conditions.