Monday, 11 April 2011

Racing Ahead - May's Issue

I have finally completed this month's submission for Racing Ahead Magazine- May's Issue. Fingers crossed, it's worthy of publications. After the success of our last article regarding the Brocklesby Conditions Stakes we have something new to say. The proposed title: A Mixed Bag of Two-Year-Old Prospects. It pinpoints seven juveniles worth following with a couple which could go well at speculative prices. The main reason I write an article or two (and they take much longer than my daily blog posts because they have to be to a higher quality) is that High Class Equine gets a plug. This is not only good for us but it brings new readers to our blogging community. If you notice a huge rise in page views at the beginning of May then that's all because of me (joke). Well, time will tell whether it has the desired effect. It is my intention to write for every issue this season.


Mark said...

Hi Jason

You don't need to cross your fingers and hope your article will be in the racing ahead magazine. If anyone was laying odds on it being in then I think it would be the best bet of the year.

Most of your blog posts are worthy of publication and you say you've tried harder with the article!!! I personally can't wait to read it.

By the way do you know what date the magazine is out.

Keep up the good work

HCE said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your kind words. It should be out at the end of this month - not sure of the exact date but will be out for 1st May.