Friday, 21 August 2009

5:20 Salisbury (21st August)

An auction maiden over 6f.

A few of these have shown an element of ability.

Both King Of Windsor and Silent Secret have run well enough on debut to suggest they have a chance in this race although the form is slightly difficult to assess.

Andrew Balding has been doing well with his two-year-olds this season and Theladyinquestion is worth noting especially if in his best betting guide of 9/1 & less on second start. These juveniles feature a fair win and place rate. She didn't show much ability on debut at Newbury after being slightly hampered some way out. Not unfancied that day and having a lay-off I am hopeful a better run will be seen today although improvement is needed.

Theladyinquestion 1pt (ew) (generally available at 9/2)

General Tips (site only)

3:15 Viking Dancer (ew) (only if priced 9/1 & less at sp) (5th)


Scott Ferguson said...

welcome back... magnificent!

Jason said...

Yes, it has been quiet and I can only apologise for the way things have been of late. This year has been a learning curve and pleased to get back with a tip or two.


NoseAhead said...

Won it well by all accounts Jason :)

Jason said...

Hi Anthony,

Yes, it went well. I hadn't re-subscribed to Racing UK so ended up listening on Betfair Please to hear if go clear. Got the channel back on now. I have caused myslef problems this year not giving enough tips and being too selective and then it can get difficult to know where to draw the line. I intend to give more tips for the rest of the season as I feel happy with my thoughts its just better to give more tips else I get into the routine of giving a few losers and then not giving a few winners which then starts into some crazy cycle.

More tips is the answer.


Gags said...

Well done with todays winner Jason and as an added bonus I was on with BOG!!

I know exactly where you are coming from with the selectivity approach and half the battle is knowing what to put up as a selection and what to leave alone....if you don't put them up they win and then it adds to the pressure with the next one, and so on and so on!!!!

More tips and more action, you clearly know the time of day so ramp up the selections mate!!

NoseAhead said...

Hi Jason,
I have been reading HCE for most of the season although not always leaving comments.
I know where your coming from with selections as 'Tips' or as suggestions to watch and there is no easy answer except back when you have value in your selections!!
I also tried to be more selective but it is inevitable no one will give 100% winners.
You have to look long term at this game and bad months come along regardless of all the work you put in!
I Know this only too well!
Like you say it's early days and this season, I too have learned from the experience and hopefully next season we can look back on this with more success.
It all comes down to confidence in your analysis, so keep up the good work as you clearly know the 2yr Old market and have an edge in this area...
Regards Anthony

Jason said...

Thanks Anthony,

It is good to hear your thoughts. Yes, I agree that it is all about trusting your judgment and realistically following your instincts. I have been disappointed by missing too many winners rather than the losers which speaks for itself. It is all about the long-term as you say because days and weeks can bring so many highs and lows. I know it is best to give more tips and I intend to. It is the only answer. It makes it tougher at the start of creating the blog as everyone needs a few points profit on the board to at least show they have ability. If I had just gone with the flow this year and tipped all the selection I should we would look pretty impressive. But I guess that is another lesson learned and one that most people can appreciate with their own sites and private betting. I know we have a lot to offer and it is simply about finding the best approach, which I feel is coming together.