Tuesday 21 June 2022

Facts you didn’t know about horses

Horses are the most common animal companion in North America, but they also happen to be one of the hardest animals to train. They don't usually respond well to commands or even treats, and they don't naturally bond with humans. But did you know that horses have their language? Let's see some of the facts you didn't know about horses in the article below.

They're intelligent

Horses can learn a wide variety of tasks that we take for granted such as riding and driving them, grooming and cleaning them, training them, beting on horse at casino online, them when ill or injured, etc., all through trial and error and instruction. You may wonder if this caring means that horses can think for themselves, but trainers will tell you that it takes time and patience on your part before you can teach a horse anything specific. Horses do not possess the ability to reason, just like dogs and other canines.

Horses have their language

We've already touched upon how horses communicate through body language, sounds, smells, movement of ears, teeth, nails, lips, and hooves. But have you ever wondered what specific words they might use? It turns out, there is a written form of their language. Researchers who study equine communication have developed an Equitherapy (Equi-therapy?) method that teaches people how to match certain sounds horses make with feelings, actions, behaviours, and objects. The idea is that by understanding what these sounds mean, you can better relate to your horse and get a more rewarding relationship.

They share similar personalities

The personality traits of horses aren't too different from those of dogs but on online pokies real money you cant bet on dogs.Some breeds tend towards being more shy and aloof while others love to socialize. Many factors contribute to a horses' temperament including genetics, past experiences, current conditions, age, environment, nutrition, health problems, injuries, and so forth. Just because two horses have the same breed doesn't mean they'll necessarily react the same way to situations or stimuli. What's more, studies suggest that horses and dogs who live together feel closer than those kept apart.

In conclusion, horses are very interesting creatures whose personalities are as complex as any pet dog or cat. They deserve our respect, care, and attention! Also, make sure you research other facts that you didn't know about online casinos.

Photo: Pixabay free