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Betting Industry Expert: Who Is Matthew Trenhaile?

Who is Matthew Trenhaile?

I always love a good YouTube video and the betting industry offers a mix of individuals from those with true wisdom to chancers who really have little to offer as far a true insight and  intellect go.

Introducing Matthew Trenhaile, who was interviewed by Star Sports Bet TV in this four-part series and illuminating conversation. He really offers a great perspective compared to the conventional punter approach which can often feel quite limited. 

Part 1 - 

Trenhaile has 20-years experience within the betting industry. First starting within the spread betting sector, golf and rugby, before working in the city as a risk manager in currency markets. In addition, he worked for betting syndicate.

One of the most respected opinions in the betting industry. Trenhaile describes himself as a 'Betting Industry Nerd'. In this video he talks about working with Mustard Systems (a golf betting syndicate), spread betting, tissue pricing and appreciating information within the game.


Part 2 - 

Talks frankly about working in the city and a change of career based on personal reasons, how investors were placed in book A or B and hedging on the cheap. Insight regarding risk management with reference to boomakers and his thoughts on liabilities and closing accounts when a sharp punter bets.


Part 3 -

Matthew why a betting syndicate often starts with three opinions, what inside information can mean depending on the sport/market, and how to understand markets. Insight about how bookmakers assess punter performance and restricted accounts, and details how things are not always as they seem from winning punters keeping accounts to some punters being stopped after one winning bet.

Part 4 -

Here Trenhaile (Trent to his friends) details the sharp money on the exchanges, Commission Agents and ''dark pools''. Insight about his own betting, and how some betting on the exchanges get burned out. Makes reference to Harry Findlay in the good, old days finding value betting odds-on and how that has changed.

Comments include: 

Richard Walsh: ''Superb stuff, could listen to Matthew all day. Please tell him to come back doing podcasts.''

Lee Horton: ''This bloke definitely knows his stuff, well part from thinking Harry Findlay was a Really enjoyed it.''

M.F. Oi: ''This is content for anyone who likes gambling. Thanks for making all these videos.''

Jay Rocc: ''This is my favourite of all the people you've interviewed. Could listen to that chap for hours.''

Eric Campbell: ''Great interview. Superb knowledge.''

Steve Buxton: ''As sharp as a blade.''

Source: Star Sports 

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