Thursday 8 August 2019

Buying a Retro Slot Machine: 1936 Watling Rol-A-Top

So you like a gamble.

Take a look at this photograph, taken by Mark Bialek. I found the photo on a website for antique slot machines called Old Time Slots. What a selection of beautiful slots. I guess all of them, one-armed bandits. In my opinion, they put these modern slots to shame. Soulless pieces of junk with a pixelated screen.  Sure the sound resembles coins being paid out, but you get a receipt rather than a handful of cold, hard cash. 

The yellow one in the middle looks like 1936 Watling Rol-A-Top. The pink one to the right is 1937 Mills Melon Jackpot. Superb. While the slot machine on the left looks like a 1929 Mills/National Jackpot. 

Who wouldn't want one of those in their living room? To be honest, I'd like all three. 

Much has changed in the gambling industry in recent decades. The internet opened the door for many platforms such as Online Casino Deutschland who give the best free bets and spins for those who don't want to leave the comfort of their home or don't have a Mills Melon Jackpot sitting next to their chair. 

I have always wanted to buy one of these old slot machines. I say that in preference to so many of the old fruit machines and especially these new ones. They are built on psychological research to get you playing more. That one reason why unlike the old days it is nearly impossible to understand what constitutes a win. A very clever ploy. So you think you have won much more often that you have. 

Betting on these modern fixed odds betting terminals as they call them is bad news. Even the name sounds as comfortable as sitting on a chair covered with broken glass. Compare these to the old-style slot machines. 

It is like sipping champagne to someone with a pint of lager. I know a lot of you like lager and I've had a few pints myself. 

When betting it always pays to think about the consequences and be careful. Betting fixed odds can never be more than fun betting. Why? Because long term you cannot win betting fixed odds. It's not skill based unless you know a way of cheating.  

I am pretty sure I'll have one of these old slot machines in the next few years. Convert it to taking pound coins and keep it as a money box. If you want to come round and play it and will some loot that's fine with me (joke). It's illegal unless you have a licence. But if you lose please don't cry over my chrome machine and seize up its arm. 

That's just not sporting at all.