Wednesday 17 October 2018

Great Yarmouth Casino Night

The luck of the devil. 

Tell's face it, to win at the casino you need a bit of luck. I have played the tables online and you can place one here if you fancy a flutter. 

I've not been to many brick and mortar casinos. Visited a few here and there: Great Yarmouth, Nottingham & Luton. I've won money at all bar Nottingham. I don't think I lost much there, perhaps forty or fifty pounds. 

They are all owned by Grosvenor who have many across the country. Readers will know I go to Great Yarmouth quite regular. This coastal town is like most - beyond the glitz of the Golden Mile is a community who are largely deprived. Seasonal work doesn't help but people live where they live. I love Yarmouth because I have fond memories of school holidays at Caister-on-sea. Who hasn't been to Regent Street for a wander? There is plenty of things to do. Sadly the old House Of Wax closed a few years back. It was featured in a few big publications as being something of a comedy show because the waxworks had melted a touch and they looked nothing like they were meant to. I went there a few times as a child and it was kind of funny if not spooky. 

Anyway, let's get back to the casino action.

I've been to Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino plenty of times. Believe it or not, I'm actually winning money.  

I love people watching. You see a diverse mix of punters. Some rich - some poor. Some, not being nasty, look and act as though they have crawled from under a rock. 

Take these examples:

Graham is a regular. He bets big money. In fact, he is the only person I have seen there with the illusive £1000 chips. They aren't chip-shaped, more of a rectangle, so not sure what they call them. Anyway, he likes to bet. Always on the roulette table. Scattering chips across the table. I've seen him winning many thousand - losing too! Makes me smile, as sometimes his wife sits close by drinking a cup of tea. How can you win money at fixed odds? The fact of the matter is that if you play long and hard you are guaranteed to lose. 

An example of someone who clearly has a gambling problem is a little Argentinian bloke who makes his living driving a taxi. He sits at the three-card poker table and vanishes every so often to take a fare before coming back to lose the fee. A cheery man with a smile. Someone who loves his football. But, sadly, someone who cannot stay away. 

I guess there have been a few big spenders at this venue. If you bet big and often you need a lot of money because you can easily burn through a £100,000 over a year by betting relatively small sums. 

The only time I went to Luton casino an Indian bloke was playing. He never took less than a £50 note out of his pocket. He must have had some money. His luck had gone for a burton. He lost £15,000 as I played at the roulette table. His £50+ bets sitting heavy next to my 50p chips. Like a skyscraper next to a bungalow! However, my money was lucky while he threw his wonga into a crock of shit. It seemed strange, but his face was expressionless. I wanted to see him win just to see if there was a light in his eyes. I very much doubt win, lose or draw it would have registered. I don't know what he did for a living but he wasn't short on money. Strangely, like Bryan, his wife sat nearby supping away at a cup of ''earl grey''. 

Later, I went to cash in my £75 winning chips. 

Low and behold, he was there at the counter cashing in more money. Clearly, the £50s had run dry and he used his card to get some chips. The whole counter was covered with £500 and £1000 rectangles. I really should have stayed longer just to conclude his story. 

My cousins Danny and Paul were there, along with other members of family and friends. Paul had a bad night made all the worse when he gave up the ghost and Danny took his seat and won the next hand. 

I'll be back at Great Yarmouth before Christmas. Let's hope lady luck is smiling. I wonder if I will see my familiar ''friends'' there?