Friday 26 January 2018

Is Matched Betting Risk Free, Can I do it?

Gambling is for losers, or is it? We hear so much about how gambling causes so many issues for many people around the world, but many are hooked, and consistently are down on their investment.

So what if I could tell you that is you step back, don't be so hasty, and plan your bets, you could then always be beating the bookies, sound good?

Well, there is a form of betting that will work for you, it's not necessary to win huge amounts of a short space of time, but to build small smalls that collective over time turn into big amounts each month.

So what is this, I hear you ask, well it something called match betting.

What is matched betting?

I’ve tried explaining the concept of matched betting to some people I know, but I it always a little difficult. Fundamentally, match betting is not that close to gambling in general; this is because it take advantages of the free bet offers that many booker makers make. The idea is you take advantage of the free bet offer by a bookmaker;

You then bet on all possible events of the outcome, with you free bets and any small deposit you made, so if it is a horse racing, you would bet on the horse or bet against it (Lay bet).

Now that's a loose explanation, but it gives you an idea in a nutshell. The main thing from this is that you really can't lose, as long you use a trusted matched betting tool, which will not only guide you to where to find your free bets, where to bet but will work out and store a history of all your matched betting bets & balances.

There is an article on the, which touches further on the subject.

Is matched betting for anyone?

In one word, yes. Anyone, whatever age or experience can make money from matched betting. Patients and having some spare time is the only ingredients you need, and of course a computer and an internet connection.

Students & matched betting

With students, are you one now reading this thinking, hmm, I could really make a quick buck here, I know I use my student loan!

Wait, there is always a risk, be it small or losing when matched betting, this is mainly down to a lack of understanding and rushing into it with a desperate need to make some extra cash for the weekend. If you put it to theory matched betting itself is risk-free!

I would recommend that, as mentions earlier on in this post, that you, find a matched betting service that offers free support & guidance, video tutorials, and allows you to find free bets easily plus monitor and track what you are doing.

Many of these matched betting service websites, offer free accounts, plus the option for more premium options, which cost around £15 per month.

So while matched betting is risk-free you do have to invest a small amount each month in making sure, once you are organised, have the best direction possible and have quick access to all the possible free bets open to you online.