Thursday 8 September 2016

5 Top racehorses of all time

The 5 Top racehorses of all time are not going to be as famous as some of the other famous athletes in the world, even though they deserve to be since they train just as hard as the human athletes that they're competing with on some level. While people who are outside of the racing community are going to struggle to name even a few racehorses, the 5 Top racehorses of all time do have their very devoted fans within the racing community. The top racehorses of all time also do not get replaced all that easily in many people's minds. Many of them are truly one of a kind.

It says something that many of the 5 Top racehorses of all time are still animals that were born in the early or middle of the twentieth century, and many of them are unfortunately deceased today. The strangely-named Citation was actually born in 1945, and he managed to win sixteen races in a row. For forty-six years, no racing horse managed to beat the record held by Citation. He was already Horse of the Year in 1948, and some people might have awarded him the informal title of Horse of the Century following his distinguished career and life.

Horses do not live long, and the people who are celebrating the 5 Top racehorses of all time are going to be greeted with that punishing reality all the time. Seattle Slew is one of the most modern of the best racing horses of all time since he was born in 1974. Affirmed is the most modern of all of them, having been born in 1975. Horses usually do not live longer than thirty years, and race horses often have even shorter lifespans.

Man O'War has a name that truly demonstrates his historic origins and the fact that the pictures of him are going to be in black and white. He was born in 1917, which would make this horse nearly one hundred years old in the minds of people who feel that sufficiently talented beings never really die. Horse racing would not be what it is today without the hard work and constant wins of Man O'War, who truly helped to make horse racing popular again. The 5 Top racehorses of all time owe a debt of gratitude to Man O'War.

Secretariat [pictured] is one of the only names in the horse racing world that has managed to pass into popular culture, which is a testament to the power of Secretariat. He actually was a horse that struggled at first, but he managed to finish strong in the end, which is a good metaphor for a horse race in general.

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