Monday 2 December 2013

Who participates in gambling activities?

Interesting research from the British Gambling Prevalence Survey 2010. 

• Men were more likely than women to gamble overall (75% for men and 71% for women). 

• Men were more likely than women to take part in most gambling activities. The
exceptions were bingo (12% for women and 6% for men) and scratchcards (25% for
women and 23% for men).

• Among women, past year gambling increased from 65% in 2007 and 68% in 1999 to 71% in 2010. Among men, past year gambling estimates were higher in 2010 than 2007 (75% and 71% respectively). However, the 2010 prevalence rates were not higher than
those observed in 1999 (76%).

• As in previous years, gambling was associated with age. Past year gambling participation
was lowest among the youngest and oldest age groups and highest among those aged

• Past year gambling prevalence rates were highest among those who were either married
or had been married (75%), respondents who were White/White British (76%), those
whose highest educational attainment was GCSEs or equivalent (76%) or had other
qualifications (78%), those from lower supervisory/technical households (79%), those in
paid work (78%), those with the highest personal income (79% for the 4th income quintile
and 76% for the highest income quintile) and those living in the East Midlands (80%).