Sunday 24 November 2013

It's A Gambler's Life For Me - Clint Smith

What was your first experience of gambling? 

My first experience in the Gambling world was when i was around 10 ( 1980 ) when i was a runner taking bets and phoning them through and passing on detailed info from the tracks to the those involved , payment was £5 a day plus some bonuses if they were winners.

What was your biggest gambling success? 

 My biggest Win to date was hitting 7 Winners from 8 in a Multi placed through Betfair , a combination of 6, 7 and 8 folds which cost £1000 and paid £255,000.

What was you biggest gambling mistake?

LAYING 5 out 6 Winners ( and compounding ) on day 1 of the Cheltenham Festival in 2008 , cost me £25k and nearly broke me....

What would you improve in horse racing?

Less Handicaps and more stakes or graded races and cap field sizes at 16 as it becomes pointless for both trainer and punter..20++ fields need more luck than skill sometimes.

Who do you admire in racing and why?

Alex Bird.....Read his book and you will see..a genius in every aspect , legendary gambler and knew how to bend the system better than Uri Gellar.

Name your favourite racehorse of all time?


What's your personal gambling ambition?

To try and stay ahead and stay more consistent and not give in to my emotions.

Who would you like to be for a day (sport)?

Sebastien Vettel. Would love a go inside an F1 car...

Best advice given? 

" Its not about the Winners , its ALL about the Profit " .....

Dream holiday destination?

Turdufushi Island

If you had a dinner party, who would you invite and why?  6 tables ?..

1. Me
2. Stephen Fry ( General Knowledge and Banter )
3. Micky Flanaghan ( for Laughs )
4. Brian Cox ( to ask amazing questions )
5. Jason Coote ( Close Friend for consistent company )
6. Eva Mendez ( Wearing a low cut top , uber eye candy )