Monday 17 October 2016

The Gambler's Gambler...

Gamblers. A special breed. Those punters who went that step further to take on the bookmakers at their own game. Read this collection of articles which detail individuals which not only won big time but in the process made a name for themselves. Be inspired by these gamblers. Learn what made them tick, gave them an edge and become their specialty. It's intriguing to note how each favourite bets contrasted greatly so they all found their niche. Fascinating reading. 

John Aspinall   
Harry Findlay 
Dave Nevison 
Alan Woods 
Barney Curley
Freddie Williams 
J P McManus 
Paul Cooper 
Sydney Harris 
Phill Bull 
Jack Ramsden 
Alex Bird 
The Shadow
Clive Holt 
The Computer Group
The Art Of Manliness: I'm A Professional Gambler
The Hidden Cost Of Being A Pro Gambler  
Becoming A Professional Gambler
Kid Delicious: Pool Hustler
Random Pro Gambler: My Story  
A Tale Of A Pro Gambler 
Meet The 9 - 5 Gamblers  
The Opportunities Of A Professional Gambler: Eddie Murray  

Who is your favourite gambler of all time? Detail your thoughts by leaving a comment.