Tuesday 30 October 2012

What Next For Frankel After His Retirement?

"One of the greatest displays on a British racecourse", one of the many comments given to Frankel in his glittering 14 race three-year career.

After his first race in 2010 at Newmarket Frankel quickly became noticed, winning all four races that season. In 2011, he had much to live up to maintaining his winning streak and he did so in style winning all five races that season. 2012 saw Frankel's amazing form continue and after his 14th and final race on October 20th, he made history when Timeform published his rating as 147, the highest-rated horse in their history.

Bigfreebet.com published several articles about Frankel's amazing career. Apart from Frankel's success a lot of bettors also had a lot of success betting on him! After that 14th and final race at Ascot, Frankel was retired.

So what next for Frankel and why was he retired? Over his 14 races, Frankel won a total of £2,999,302 which is just under £1m per year. However following on from "Sea The Stars", the champion Irish Thoroughbred who earned £9.5m (€12m) in his first season as a stud, Frankel's owners have concluded that their horse's value also lies in being a stud. Experts believe that Frankel could fetch between £80k - £120k (€100k - €150k) per mare, meaning in one year the owners could see returns of between £11m - £17m (€14m - €21m). Compare that to the £2.9m prize money that Frankel received in three years for being one of the most successful horses ever, and you can see why his owners chose to retire him. There is much more value in being a stud than a racehorse if you have the potential to produce race-winning offspring. This was proved with Sea The Stars as many of his offspring have gone on to be sold for healthy profits. So if Frankel hasn't already realised that he is special, he soon will do when he starts his new job as a stud!

Frankel may be gone from the racing world, but his blood-line will continue and it may not be long before we see one of his offspring attracting the same attention that he did on the race track. The bets are sure on the names of any horse-related to Frankel.