Thursday 26 April 2012

So What Do You Have To Say?

Most bloggers are territorial - like two rutting rams fighting their corner. It's all about page views, subscription and saying they are the ''Highest Ranked Blog On Google!'' (sounds like There is nothing wrong with being proud of your/our achievements. That's why instead of fearing the ''opposition'' I want to encourage it. We have always taken the policy of building community spirit and interested in what other blogs, websites have to say... Why? Well, it often pays to see the bigger picture. It is important to realise this blogging world we work so tirelessly to build is more than the sum of its parts. Also, I'm sure you can agree, we can all learn from others.

So What Do You Have To Say?

Today we hear from Wizard Bet. (I have known this website a long time and thought you might like to learn about them, too.)

This is what Nick had to say.

Wizardbet is the work of three guys who all have differing backgrounds within sports betting, and who each have come together to provide the information which is posted on the site daily.

The idea originally was to ‘blog’ our bets for no reason whatsoever other than to put some of the stuff we had been betting for a while, and making money off, for anyone out there who wanted to use this for their own gain – either financially, to learn, to gain experience and so forth. The football was supposed to have been the bedrock of the site – we had shown very good returns for a few years before the site, 2010 being the pinnacle of this, which coincided with the idea to build up the blog. The horse-racing side of it was intended to be purely for tracking purposes, to see how a system we devised produced what returns. Without divulging too much information, this works on a set of filters producing consensus for the overall ‘system’. This had worked for football, so why not within horse racing?

Those of you that are aware of our site will see the change. Football has proved very difficult over the last 18 months or so, and from being aware of other blogs and football system services, this has been fairly widespread. If it was possible to put the finger on why, then it would have been easy to correct, but it is not. It would be premature to say a football ratings approach to betting is ‘dead’, but the longer the run continues, it does become hard to blame variance. Likewise, the amount of bad luck keeps rising. Again, without moaning too much, those of you who follow our blog, or (who works with us on the football ratings) will know that the amount of 90th minute goals against us has been incredible. Furthermore, the number of games we have had our selections 2-0 up, 3-0, or even 4-0 (Newcastle vs Arsenal in that ‘classic’) and not ‘won’ defies the odds. Naturally, you would expect some bad beats, but even still, it probably equates to a 40-50 point swing against us.

The horse racing has been, on the whole very successful. We started with some teething problems in the first couple of months of producing the bets, and also, it seemed we went through a very unlucky patch with the horrible Winter of the first couple of months of 2011. The flat season though was a joy to behold, with most of our 243.5pt profit (25.06% SR and 12.64% ROI) being generated from the results of the flat season. We were interested to see if we could improve on the National Hunt racing for the 2011-2012 season, and it was very mixed. October 2011 and November 2011 were neither here nor there, but December was very kind to us. January and February saw a small loss over both months, but March was quite poor, despite a decent Cheltenham Festival. With the start of the flat season, we have started off well once more.

We did begin producing US Sports selections, but with the time difference of America, and the workload, we felt that this may be taking on too much. A lot of line moves which did interest us came in the early hours of the morning GMT time, and it just was not feasible all things considered.

For the future, we expect to keep posting daily, and for free. We do not know how many people follow us, if any at all, but slowly we hope to be building bridges with other bloggers out there who share the same interests as us. We hope we can match or beat last year’s horse racing figures, and we have decided we will run with the football bets again next season. There is some fantastic info out there for free, and just because it is free, it does not mean it should be dismissed. We hope we do provide the right info – our daily P&L shows that we are very serious in what we do, and how we approach it. We also like to think that we can help with the other aspects of gambling – the mental side, the bank-roll management and would like to think that anyone can come to us for advice. Our intention is to be a winning betting blog, but also whereby we can share experiences and assistance to others.

My thanks go to Jason at HCE for running with this, and I wish him, and any other readers out there as much luck as possible.

One final word – gambling is for the long term, and it is a serious game. Human nature runs completely contrary to being a successful, professional gambler. If you are not mentally tough, systematic in your approach and too emotional with your money, you will lose it all.