Sunday 11 March 2012

Sunny Sunday

The weather is lovely: sunny, warm and ideal for getting out and about. Not too much to report on the blog front. I have The Horses In Training 2012 publication. I will detail some general information after the Cheltenham Festival as it will probably be lost in the melee.

I'm hoping one of our readers will be forwarding analysis for Cheltenham. I really can't do it justice because it isn't my area of speciality.I know more about two-year-old horse racing than most people could ever imagine so there is no weakness in stating your knowledge/lack of it. I don't want to be the Jack of all trades.

I've been updating The Horse Trainer Website Directory. I hope readers take a look at this facility and make use of it. Whether that happens or not only time tell. I feel like taking a backwards step in ways and just pleasing myself. I'm sure plenty of bloggers have felt similar in their efforts. At times blogging can feel a pretty thankless task. I do, however, thank all those who make contributions and loyal readers. The difference between doing my own things and trying to push HCE towards what our readers want is that I don't get frustrated simply following my own path but I get rather bogged down when I put time and energy into projects to help readers and the wider blogging community and feel they are overlooked or disregarded.Perhaps that isn't the truth but that is how I feels at times.

I know for a fact that when the two-year-old season begins that will be my focus. I will be doing my best for myself and the loyal HCE Gold subscribers to make this a profitable season. The number who have joined HCE Gold are quite small. I am not particularly bothered by the lack of support. I'm philosophical. However, I am all about loyalty. At the start of the Flat turf season I am closing the doors to full free subscription. After that point, sign-up will be costly. If people pay that sum, then good, if not, I don't particularly care. Unless something amazing happens I am pretty sure this will be the last year I detail any subscriber tips from this blog. Those HCE Gold subscribers will be the only people who will be given the option to continue.