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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Managed Risk

Managed Risk

You never know who you'll meet within this blogging community of ours. It's true to say that most bloggers are based within the UK. However, looking down my ''Best Blog Supporters''  there is one name which stands out from the crowd - Managed Risk. To coin a phrase, Jake comes from over the pond. This American racing fan will need little introduction to many a reader because he always makes time to leave a comment - a cheery word - and insight about his journey as an investor. Formally a founder of popular blog The Bank Builder, his recent enterprise has been impressive. What captures my attention is Jake's determination to convey his ongoing battle to keep a disciplined, patient, insightful approach. As he says:

 ''Think profit. Think differently.Think investment, not gambling. Think smart. The right horse in the right race''.

His story is a fight as strenuous as the horse which thunders towards the line. Whether you are a fan of American horse racing or not, take a moment to review Managed Risk.