Wednesday 15 February 2012

Ann Duffield: 2yo Talk....

Rangooned, the lovely grey Bahamain Bounty two year old  filly decided to get rid of George in the parade ring ten minutes before her proud owners were due to arrive and, bucking, kicking and whipping round like a spinning top, she almost managed to unship him. Luckily, as the saddle slipped round he popped off the side, landed on his feet before quickly fixing the saddle, jumping back on and, after two sharp ones she behaved impeccably. By the time the owners arrived the mele was over and she was as sweet as a nut again. How George does it at sixty five is beyond me.

Promising two year old colt "Rust" was so full of himself he didn't know what to do first, buck, kick, rear, whip round or take off so he tried to do them all at once. G Duffield had to be at his best to stay in the plate. 

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