Friday 20 January 2012

A Quiet Day, Mr Fahey

I have been struggling to write posts these last few days. I'm relying on the Daily Beach Babes and Yankeeyou to fill this space. 

Sure they have their fans, those girls.

I would like to thank the regular supporters of the Yankeeyou who forward their tips. In truth, it is a thankless task. If the selections win, the world and his wife want more but if they lose then Mr & Mrs from Cats Bottom convince themselves they could do much better following their olds aunt's method of reading the tea leaves. I sometime wonder if I would be better to revert to more stealthy tactics and bet behind my cloak and dagger. Perhaps turn into Mr Random. Who knows, one day I may just disappear from blogging as quick as I arrived. As with most things in life, it is probably best to please yourself and let the rest of the world come and go as they wish.

This two-year-old black hole doesn't make for inspiring prose. Always waiting for the new season to begin. I had intended to write a few HCE Snippets, taken from trainer blogs with regard to their juveniles, how they are progressing etc. The Brocklesby is a word two-year-old fans listen out for. It's like a whisper which grows to a shout as the race day comes galloping into sight. It's akin to a Chinese whisper. That tiny promise builds momentum, playing Mind Games with those who dare dream...

The problem with many trainer websites is that their blogs are lacking in regular content. George Baker, Ann Duffield & Roger Charlton are the exception to that rule because they are avid bloggers and very insightful, humerous and honest souls. The Horse Trainer Website Directory, which can be found on HCE, took many hours to develop but it's bordering on a waste of time for the few who use it. Well, it is there if needed. I always take a look at what the trainers have to say, especially if I am considering a wager. It only takes a moment or two and it is often the difference between betting an not. True, some never have a bad horse, while others are so secretive they never say a word. I noticed a couple of times last year that Richard Fahey and owners Middleham Park Racing had a slight conflict in where their juveniles raced. In general, the owners opinion took preference although Fahey was at least honest enough to note publicly that he would have rather followed a different path. He wasn't always right. It struck me with last year's Brocklesby runner, Our Boy Jack, who went off 10/3. Fahey didn't seem to fancy its chances at all. I can't remember his reasoning but the colt done nothing that day although won a small race later in the season. If you learn about a trainer's opinion - his traits - you can appreciate whether he is open or not... too optimistic...or just trying to throw you a wide ball. I think there is a thin line between being cunning and trying to pull the wool over people's eyes. David Evans is a fantastic trainer of two-year-old horse but the antics surrounding Redair on debut at Kempton last season could have been taken two ways with the withdrawal of the stable's more fancied Seven Year Itch (owned by Evans) and the switching of Cathy Gannon to the, later, substantially gambled Redair, who won. If that was pure coincidence, then I'm backing the next black cat which crosses my path. Paul Cole's blog is as honest as they come. The information is there if you dig a little. Trainers often surprise, too. I sent an email to Rae Guest a couple of weeks ago about one of his debutantes because I was intrigued by the owners and if they were related to a breeder he once trained for. He was kind enough to reply. I always think that says a lot about a person.     

As the start of the new Flat season draws closer there will be much news and excitement about this year's crop of two year olds