Friday 7 October 2011

A Wandering Mind...Tips & Yeeoow

HCE Regular Tip was given today - 3:40 York Master Bond. It looked a tricky race in ways and Smart's youngster wasn't helped by being hampered at the start. He is a bit of a lad this two-year-old and was keen, over striding and generally ruining his chance. It is disappointing when a horse doesn't settle as he is rated by the stable but it takes a very good juvenile to win with that kind of behaviour. 

I noted in my earlier post I had a small win and place bet on Yeeoow, who done little last time when given as an HCE Elite Tip.

I had half a thought of giving it as a selection today but it was too much of a leap of faith - which turned out to be justified. Burke's colt was always up with the pace and ran really well. He was a 40/1 shot earlier in the day and backed to 22/1. He finished 3rd. If only he had run like this last time when everything went wrong. It's a classic. It is good in the sense that it proved we were on the right lines giving this as a selection although that hardly pays the bills! It is hard work at times. I would suggest that HCE Elite Tips (although given infrequently) are worthy of the utmost respect.