Thursday 13 October 2011

Eddie Straights Racin' World

Those terrible twins. No, not Matt & Luke Goss. I'm talking about Dickie & Michael Hills. You know I love the Hills' Brothers. They always wave at me when I see them in Newmarket. They have such funny stories. Crackers. Both of 'em. Well, I got chatting to their old aunt in Ladbrokes. She told me such a funny tale about 'the boys'. 

When they were at school, they had PE on different days but being twins they wanted everything the same. Matching everything including football boots. Well, they were never very organised going to school and it became a standing joke with the game's teacher because they kept getting their football boots mixed up. It was two left feet, right feet...but rarely a left and right boot.

Dickie kept getting the short straw. If it could go wrong, it did.

The next week he forgot his towel. Much to the teacher's laughter. Well, such was the humour surrounding the twins games kit saga that it got around the whole school.

The next week arrived and the twins were running late, as usual. Dickie didn't have a football bag to put his kit in but a white plastic carrier bag. Well, he rushed out, picking up the bag, and thought nothing of it.

His aunt couldn't help but smile as she checked her Yankee.

Well, Dickie went into the changing rooms to get ready for football, opened the bag and closed it quickly. His face as white as a ghost. Thinking of what he could do he was at a loss because the game's teacher shouted: ''Hills, lad, come and show me your games kit. I want to make sure you haven't forgotten anything.''

Dickie walked head bowed to the teacher - bag in hand. 

''So, are you ready for football?'' he asked.

''No, Sir.''

''What do you mean no?'' asked the teacher sure he had two left boots, lost his towel or something amazing.

Dickie open the bag. The teacher looked inside and burst out laughing. He had taken the wrong plastic bag by mistake and taken a selection of vegetables to school!