Thursday 25 August 2011

A Wandering Mind...Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

Dishy Guru served up a decent winner in the 4:30 Lingfield. I was in two minds whether to bet or not but in a weakish race there was a fighting chance of gaining a place at worst and if Blanshard's youngster had a level of ability or the favourite disappointed it could be a promising wager. What helped make my decision was seeing Dishy Guru drift to 10/1+ on Betfair. I took even money about the place to cover the stake. I generally lay my total bet if selections are backed to half their odds (a no-lose bet is never a bad thing in my book). However, it wasn't quite backed to those odds so I let the bet ride. As I often state when I am talking about gambling, bets, winning & losing - there is no logic to any given race. I guess that is how backers of Princess Of Orange felt when she ran much too wide on the final bend. At that moment I noticed my in-running bet to lay my potential win at 1.1 was laid. From that point it made no difference whether Dishy Guru served up a win, finished a gallant second or nipped to the bar for a sip of OJ.