Sunday 8 May 2011

Quick Note...

We've  a new logo. Well, they say a change is as good as a rest. Am I fickle? Don't answer. It's important to have a snazzy page header. First impressions count. That's what our style guru says. You should see me sitting here in my paisley suit and plane tie (honestly, it has a cartoon 747 motif). As they say, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. So thank Jeff Banks you can't see me at this moment. HCE has a more refined style. You can't go wrong with racing green, hey? Or good old fashioned tweed. Not sure if the logo is a huge improvement? I guess it depends what takes your fancy. The blog is strutting its stuff down the catwalk as we speak and T-Max haven't come-a-knocking so we must be doing something right. Professional - that's our aim. Every blog has a few rough edges but we are certainly more Christian Dior than tracksuit bottoms.

No two-year-old racing today. It gave me a chance to tinker with the blog, updated the HCE database, review lots of races and have a nosey at tomorrow's meetings. It's busier. Five whole juvenile races. Wow. Must be a record this season! Not much action on the betting exchanges at present. The tissue prices are handy to gain a basic idea of what may be expected. Nothing too exciting. I will have a good review this evening and make any decisions tomorrow morning. I very much doubt there will be any tips even with regard to Stat Bets and their criterion is much less than HCE Regular or Elite. There is no point forcing the issue. Two-year-old racing is far removed from the older horses. It takes time to appreciate form lines, there are rarely more than one or two races per day, often small fields, then the majority of juveniles of interest are favourite, and generally too short a price to make it worthwhile. It's the nature of two-year-old racing. Most good bets come about due to circumstances rather than having the best horse in the world. Often knowing a poor horse - especially if most punters think it is fair/good - is the key to a winning bet. It's just the same as building a jigsaw - start with the boarder and pray no one has stolen the last piece.